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by McKinsey & Co. | November 13, 2018


Naomi from McKinsey Asia-Pacific

"Being an associate at McKinsey, based in Japan, opened my eyes to the meaning and importance of a variety of industries and different leadership styles."

I’m Naomi, and I’m an associate in [McKinsey's] Tokyo office. I joined McKinsey about two years ago, after finishing my MBA at the University of Columbia. I stay at McKinsey for several reasons; here are the most important:

Exposure to different business sectors

During my time at the firm, I’ve worked in disparate industries, from heavy machinery and automobile manufacturing to retail and telecommunication.

It has been a pleasant surprise to discover new fields through my project work. Each engagement brings an encounter with new clients and new business segments that allows me to take new perspectives. For example, before I worked on a marketing and sales strategy for a global automobile company, I wasn’t interested in vehicles; now I enjoy going to car shops or shows on weekends to check out the latest models.

Learning from different leadership styles

Another aspect I really appreciate about life at McKinsey is working with different teams. People on each team have been inspiring and powerful in their own ways, and has given me a lot of meaningful feedback to help me develop. For example, one team member taught me to leverage the people around me rather than trying to solve all the issues by myself. Another pointed out practical tips to make my presentations clearer. It is true feedback is a gift, as people in the firm often say, especially when it comes from team members who work closely with you every day and truly have your best interests in mind.

In these ways, McKinsey has let me work in different worlds, which has made consulting life more exciting and helped me to continue learning.

A version of this post previously appeared on the McKinsey Careers Blog on October 17, 2018. McKinsey & Company is Vault's Most Prestigious Consulting Firm in Asia-Pacific for 2019, and the No. 1 consulting firm in North America.