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by Ikenna Waturuocha | October 10, 2023


There are plenty of unfortunate jokes that exist about interns only making coffee runs, rather than doing anything they can actually put on their resumes.. But the truth is that internships matter. They give students a solid foundation on what to expect from a corporate environment, an opportunity to test the real-world applications of what they’ve learned in the classroom, and much more. Here are five reasons why we believe that the InStep Internship program from Infosys is the best choice you can make when applying to internships.


Discover what makes you tick and chart the path ahead for yourself.


The Infosys InStep program was designed with one aim in mind: to provide students with an environment conducive to personal and professional growth. In the 24th year of this program, we’ve structured it to help interns like you gain a truly hands-on experience, thoroughly understand the ins and outs of your chosen field, and help you make an informed decision with regard to the career path you want to pursue. With access to peers from a variety of backgrounds, you’ll be able to better understand your chosen field of interest and navigate your way once you graduate. Knowing the way forward ensures that you can stay ahead of the pack.


Work with mentors who care.


Eager minds require the right kind of mentors to help shape and guide them. The internship program at Infosys is designed to ensure that you are working with experienced mentors who are carefully selected and have a proven track record of being invested in the growth of interns. Besides being able to share their experience of what works in the corporate world, these mentors will also introduce you to the thriving work culture of Infosys, where we’re always excited to take on new challenges and conquer them.


Sharpen your existing skill set and discover a whole new world.


The ability to tweak and use what you’ve learned in the classroom and apply it to real-world challenges is the biggest skill you can take away from any internship program. InStep offers interns who are enthusiastic to learn and grow not only the opportunity to use what they’ve learned at school, but also to pick up new skills that are in demand in the market today. Besides invested mentors, you will have access to Infosys’ vast library of learning resources to help fill any gaps in your skill set and learn new things. Infosys is well-known in the industry for having a solid culture of learning at its core.


Work on projects that matter.


The biggest value that any intern looks for from an internship is to be able to gain the experience (and the bragging rights) of having worked on a project that impacts the company for real. At InStep, every project that is offered is from projects that the mentors and teams you would work with are working on as a part of their key result areas. We continuously monitor your growth and ability to contribute to the projects’ end goal. Interns that deliver meaningful and measurable impact also walk away with potential job offers from Infosys.


Discover how ‘culture’ is more than a buzzword.


The InStep internship offers you the opportunity to understand the values that Infosys holds dear and what we expect from our employees. Interns get the opportunity to not only understand our company’s culture, but also to see whether it resonates with them. Working with other interns from top universities across the world, the program offers you an opportunity to be a part of a massive cultural exchange where not only do you get a taste of what “corporate culture” is all about but also network, learn about varied experiences and cultures, and maybe in the process discover a whole new part of yourself!


Ranked No.1 on Vault’s 100 Best Internships, InStep is an internship that gives students the opportunity to work on a variety of challenging projects across trending technologies, like cloud computing, AI, Big Data, machine learning, cybersecurity, and more. We also offer projects spanning marketing, business planning, market intelligence, and other vital business functions. The InStep experience is like no other, it sets up a solid foundation from which you can build and grow. Click the link to learn more about the InStep internship program.