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by LeapPoint | May 28, 2024


LeapPoint is a digital advisory firm that helps Fortune 1000 companies optimize their content supply chain by strategically integrating people, processes, and Adobe technology. The company’s services help marketing leaders address board-level challenges and fuel transformation at an unprecedented pace.

We recently sat down with long-time LeapPoint employee David Cornwell and new addition Luna Rivera to talk about their roles, what led them to LeapPoint, and what sets the organization apart from other boutique consultancies.

What initially attracted you to LeapPoint, and how has your experience aligned with your expectations?

David: Prior to LeapPoint, I was employed as an internally focused business intelligence and integrations developer/architect at an Adobe customer. Through my work with one of the key products (Adobe Workfront), LeapPoint reached out to me about a customer-facing role designing and delivering integrations. I was interested in the ongoing variety of challenging projects, but what attracted me most was the LeapPoint people who interviewed me. They were consistently bright, energetic, and, most importantly, open and humble—even up to the most senior levels of management. This was refreshing, and I decided to take the plunge. It’s been a little over four years since I joined the company, and the experience has exceeded my expectations. I still feel fully engaged and excited about my customers' work, and I love knowledge-sharing with my colleagues.

Luna: I first encountered LeapPoint at Workfront’s Leap conference in 2019, and I was immediately struck by the organization’s dedication to leveraging technology for process improvement. I saw an organization built by people who love and truly believe in what they do. It was clearly an environment of like-minded individuals, and I knew that I wanted to be a part of such a dynamic team. When the opportunity arose to join LeapPoint in early 2024, I eagerly seized it, and my experience has exceeded all expectations. LeapPoint’s focus on project management and optimizing enterprise solutions perfectly aligns with my professional passions.

LeapPoint operates at the intersection of traditional consulting and innovative technology solutions. How do you see this blend impacting your daily work and the solutions you deliver to clients?

David: This describes my role to a T. Not only do I get to share my knowledge and advise our customers, but we get to work with them to innovate new solutions. While there are some common solutions we often deliver, every customer is unique—and we not only bring best practices to play but also customize solutions to fit the customer. Innovation at LeapPoint also includes internal product development, where we can identify a product need and assist with the development, through to customer sales, deployment, and support.

Luna: This unique blend directly influences my daily work as a project manager. I find myself constantly engaging in conversations that bridge the gap between traditional consulting and innovative technology. This allows us to deliver exceptional results to our clients by not only addressing their immediate needs but also anticipating future challenges and opportunities.

How does LeapPoint support a work-life balance for its employees? Can you provide an example from your own experience?

David: LeapPoint is a fully remote organization. Whilst some companies went remote out of necessity during Covid, quite a number are returning to hybrid or in-office roles. Because LeapPoint remains fully remote, it allows me to have a better work-life balance. I love my one-minute commute and the ability to spend more time with my family. I also have found LeapPoint to be very flexible with working hours and location. Due to the company’s flexibility, I return a lot of flexibility to LeapPoint through the sometimes-odd hours I'm available, and I feel there are strong benefits both ways.

Luna: Working remotely was a necessity for me. Last year, I purchased a home in Puerto Rico and was in the process of relocating while I began interviewing with LeapPoint. From the start, they were incredibly understanding and made accommodations to ensure I received the same level of support despite being based in a different location. The flexibility provided by LeapPoint not only enables me to maintain a healthy work-life balance but also demonstrates the company’s commitment to our well-being.

How has LeapPoint supported your professional development and career growth?

David: Although our focus is billable hours for clients, we are allocated non-billable hours that we can apply to professional development and company initiatives. Each person works with their manager and sets priorities for where to apply this time based on their interests and abilities.

Luna: In just under three months, I have seen firsthand how LeapPoint actively supports the professional development and career growth of its employees. It offers diverse opportunities for us to expand our careers in various directions, considering not only our skills but also our passions. One aspect I am particularly appreciative of is the availability of mentoring opportunities. I have had the privilege of shadowing and asking seasoned employees questions, who generously share their valuable insights. This hands-on mentoring has been instrumental in my growth and development.

In what ways does LeapPoint foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment?

David: From the beginning of my time with LeapPoint, I've noticed and appreciated the transparency from our leadership team. I feel included and aware of the wins, pressures, and opportunities we are collectively facing. In addition, I feel that the culture of LeapPoint does not foster unhealthy competition or silos within the company. My colleagues openly share both knowledge and praise. I feel that I can approach any colleague, up to our CEO. A LeapPoint ethos is to “win as a team,” and in my experience, that is how our business is conducted.

Luna: Everyone at LeapPoint has been incredibly welcoming, I have been truly impressed by the inclusive atmosphere. From the initial interview process to client calls, the sense of camaraderie is strong. As a new employee, I had the opportunity to participate in meet-and-greets, which was a great way to connect with team members. This made me feel included and valued right from the start. There is a genuine collaborative spirit that permeates through all levels and teams, with a culture of sharing work and knowledge. Whether I have questions or need documentation, I know I can rely on the support of my colleagues. Despite working from different locations and time zones, our leaders and team members ensure that we all feel supported and included.

Looking towards the future, how do you see LeapPoint evolving, and what excites you most about being part of this journey?

David: LeapPoint is growing, and I can't see that stopping at any time soon. As we grow, we still allow for greater individual growth opportunities for new roles within the company. Our technology focus means we will also continue to lead as AI reshapes our personal and professional lives. I am glad to play a part in helping shape this future in a positive way.

Luna: As LeapPoint continues to expand, I am thrilled to be a part of its growth journey, particularly in terms of talent acquisition and the development of new products. It is exciting to see the addition of experts to our teams, each bringing valuable insights and expertise to enhance our client services. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to learn about LeapPoint’s impressive suite of products, including Governator, Data Bridge, and RequestHub, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they come to life to support our clients. 


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