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by Vault Careers | October 08, 2019


Today, two of the most important questions students ask themselves when deciding where to intern are “Will the work I perform make a difference on the projects I'm staffed on?” and “Will the projects I work on make a significant impact on the world?” Ideally, students hope to join a firm where both their specific roles and their assignments can make a difference. 

Opportunities like this can be found at global financial institution, Deutsche Bank—where making a positive impact is embedded into their work as well as into their culture. In fact, at Deutsche Bank, all team members, from interns to managing directors, are able to make an impact—on the deals themselves, through the services Deutsche Bank delivers within areas around the globe. And, they’re working within some of the world’s most admired and important industries such as technology and infrastructure. 

Babbel: a Berlin-based tech startup 

If you’ve ever wanted to gain experience working in technology or for a startup, you could get a taste of both with Deutsche Bank. As an intern or entry-level professional at the bank, you might work alongside senior-level professionals to help expand the scope and size of tech startups such as Babbel, a Berlin-based company that allows users to learn new languages through its mobile app and website. In just five hours, Babbel users become conversant in any number of languages, giving them the ability to make better and more meaningful connections. 

As a German tech company in a world dominated by Silicon Valley firms, Babbel needed help to scale its business and grow internationally. Deutsche Bank’s startup tech team was able to offer this help. It provided strategic advice to Babbel on venture capital financing, cross-border transactions, and currency management. Deutsche Bank, which has more than 4,000 startups as clients, also helped Babbel finance a new product offering. 

Clients like Babbel underscore one of the unique opportunities that Deutsche Bank offers junior bankers: to work alongside senior-level professionals while learning the ins and outs of how the tech companies of the future grow and succeed. 

Hudson Yards: the largest private real estate development in U.S. history 

At Deutsche Bank, in addition to working with high-profile tech clients, you might get the opportunity to work on some of the world’s most high profile infrastructure projects such as New York City’s Hudson Yards, the biggest commercial real estate development project ever done in the U.S. 

Beginning in 2014, Deutsche Bank helped developer Related Companies finance the $25 billion project that includes more than a dozen residential and office towers and numerous shops and restaurants, all set around a grand, open space. Hudson Yards, called “a city within a city,” has created over 23,000 construction jobs, and more than 55,000 people work there every day. Countless other visitors come to the site each week. It’s become the new heart of New York City. 

Creating this new heart of New York wasn’t easy—and required the help of an experienced real estate expert like Deutsche Bank, one of the few banks that offer a full range commercial real estate financing options, including construction loans, bridge loans, and debt capital markets transactions. In fact, DB’s $4.5 billion in financing helped Related Companies get over one of the project’s biggest hurdles: constructing a foundation above rail tracks. 

Large and complex deals such as NYC’s Hudson Yards highlight the great opportunities possible at Deutsche Bank—a global bank with major clients whose projects significantly impact the economies of the word’s largest cities, improving the lives of their citizens. 

A final note

If you’re interested in finance and looking to make difference in the world, you’ll want to consider joining Deutsche Bank as an intern or entry-level full-time professional. At this established global financial institution, you’ll get to work with expert teams on some of the most interesting projects, from enabling tech startups to working on the world’s largest infrastructure projects. Deutsche Bank has opportunities for graduates and interns across a range of areas from Wealth Management to Sales & Trading to Corporate Finance and Asset Management to name just a few areas. 

The above examples are just two of the numerous deals that Deutsche Bank works on day in and day out. At Deutsche Bank, your ideas matter. The bank encourages you to bring your whole self to work and respects you as an individual. This means your opinions are always valued by a supportive team of colleagues. 

And that team is the building block of a strong sense of community—one where you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with people from across the world as you increase your knowledge and skills, helping to shape Deutsche Bank and the future of banking. 

Apply for a Deutsche Bank internship or full-time position at Deutsche Bank Careers. 

To read about other deals and ways Deutsche Bank is helping clients grow and develop, and to learn more about how you can make a difference at Deutsche Bank, check out #PositiveImpact. 

This post was sponsored by Deutsche Bank.