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by Jack Milgram | August 08, 2017


Working on a project with the help of apps

These days, we do lots of things online. While this saves us a lot of time, it also demands more focus and concentration on our part. With all the distractions the internet offers, you may want to use some effective time management tools to eliminate them.

Here are five fantastic applications that you can use on your computer or smartphone to help you plan your day carefully, forget about distractions, and be more productive.

1. Remember The Milk, @rememberthemilk

Feeling overwhelmed by the hundreds of little tasks stuck in your head? Remember The Milk is a well-designed time management tool that’s comfortable to use wherever you are. You can create tasks, divide them into small chunks, and even share them with your friends or family members when you need some help. The app will buzz you with bright reminders whenever you need to go to the store or call your mom. With this app, you’ll never have to keep all those distracting duties and tasks in your head—just place a reminder for Gmail, Siri, Twitter, or Evernote, and stop spending time memorizing unnecessary information.

2. Forest, @forestapp_cc

Procrastination is the most horrifying enemy of productivity. And procrastinating only gets worse when you have a smartphone in your hands. Forest allows you to achieve better time management by eliminating every distraction on your device.

Whenever you need to concentrate—open Forest, choose to plant a tree, and put down the phone. For the next 30 minutes, while the tree is growing, you won’t be able to use any other apps. This is a useful tool to help you focus on your work or studies. Many people even use it while spending time with friends or family members.

3. Evernote, @evernote

Evernote helps thousands of people organize their time and tasks in one place. It’s an app with an original design that gives you freedom for creativity while planning your daily duties.

The benefit of Evernote is the structure it offers. You can turn anything you want into a note— a picture, a handwritten phrase, some text. Later, it’s easy to find the information you need by using the search function. If you’ve ever wondered, “What is a time management plan?”—Evernote shows you how to divide tasks into several points and even share them with friends.

4. FocusMe, @focusmeapp

FocusMe is another app that shows you how to manage things easily. Its primary function is to eliminate distractions. How does it work? It gives you the opportunity to block time-wasting websites. For example, you can still do research on the internet but block Twitter and Instagram so you don’t waste time on these social media networks.

An interesting feature of FocusMe is that it continues to work even after you restart your browser or clean the cache. It even can’t be stopped by rebooting the computer! With this time planner app, you can schedule your work up to a week in advance (including breaks). Also, if you like the Pomodoro technique, it’s available for use in FocusMe.

5. SaneBox, @sanebox

Tired of sorting out e-mails? Wasting too much time reading random sales letters? Always checking your inbox three times more often when you’re waiting for an important message? If yes, stop asking yourself, “What’s time management?” and check out this must-have tool. SaneBox is a unique tool that sorts your mail for you. It analyzes all the messages you get and then only shows those that matter in your inbox. You can still find the other messages in the SaneLater folder—although you can always change the importance level of e-mails to change their future location.

These were some of the most practical time management tools of 2017. They will help you manage your time at work wisely and develop greater productivity for the future. In addition, they will also allow you to track your tasks at home—a perfect way not clear the mundane tasks from your head, and free up room for more important things. 


Jack Milgram is a freelance writer and traveler. He graduated from the University of Central Florida and can currently be found in his hometown of Jersey City, NJ. He has never found sitting in an office appealing, and that’s why freelancing was his career solution. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with others through blogging at Custom-Writing.