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by LiveCareer | July 10, 2018


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From smartphones to driverless cars, technology has radically changed the way we live our lives. With all this technology all around us, why does the job search still feel so monotonous and grueling? It still falls on the jobseeker to do the majority of the heavy lifting when it comes time to get down to the hunt.

That said, there are a lot of products on the market that can help make a job search more organized, faster, and more effective than ever. We’ve rounded up information on the four best job apps, all of which are available for Apple or Android.


Dating and the job search have a lot in common; both are numbers games, both require you to get out and meet people, and both are filled with loads of rejection. Sounds like fun, right? To further draw a parallel between searching for work and looking for love, Switch has created a Tinder-esque app for jobseekers, and it’s kind of genius. Just create an account and Switch uses its algorithm to match you to jobs, allowing you to swipe right if the job is interesting and left if it isn’t right for you.

Meanwhile, recruiters and hiring managers are doing the same thing on candidate profiles, which means that if you express interest in a role and the hiring manager expresses interest in you—voila!—it’s a match. At that point you can chat directly with the recruiter and discuss next steps.


After all these years, LinkedIn remains one of the best job apps for any jobseeker’s toolbox. Whether you are using the website or the app, LinkedIn provides access to industry leaders, news and information, a job board, and more.

Specifically, using LinkedIn on your phone makes it possible to conduct your job search from anywhere and at any time. Apply for jobs, share news from your industry, or message contacts as easily as if you were on a desktop. LinkedIn’s Easy Apply tool even allows you to apply to jobs directly from your device without attaching your resume. LinkedIn’s basic features are free to jobseekers, while premium packages start at $29.95 per month.


Networking is a critical part of a job search. We all know how to scour LinkedIn to find the perfect contact, but then the real problem arises—how do you get in touch with that person? Sending an InMail is fine, but a person-to-person email would be even better.

One of the best of the best job apps, ContactOut is an extension that works on LinkedIn to provide you with the email addresses and telephone numbers of the people you want to connect with. Just find the LinkedIn profile of the person you want to email or call, and ContactOut scours the web for their contact information. It’s simple to use and it’s free—users get 50 free credits per day, so network away!

LiveCareer Apply

Think of it as a driverless car for jobseekers. Repetitive tasks like filling out job applications can quickly suck the excitement out of a job search. If you are looking for ways to save time and your sanity during your job search, LiveCareer Apply just might be one of the best job apps for you.

The tool autofills online job application forms for you—just type in your information, work history, and other information once, and the tool will then populate subsequent forms for you. Not only does the tool make filling out online applications fast and error-free but it reduces the possibility of typos or other errors in your online forms. The tool is now available via the Chrome Store as well.

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