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by Emily Wiegand | April 04, 2023


As companies in a range of industries continue to downsize, more and more people are finding themselves on the hunt for their next role. With such a large influx of applicants, this poses a lot of questions: Are there enough open positions for everyone? How many companies are hiring? Which companies are hiring? How long is it taking to find a new role?

Below, we answer these and other questions, telling you what you need to know to successfully land your next position. 

Don’t be afraid to search and apply: it’s still a job seeker’s market 

Job seekers have increasingly had more power in the job market in the past few years. We saw this during the Great Resignation and with the emergence of quiet quitting, and that’s still true today, despite all the layoffs. In fact, employers are struggling to fill all their open positions because there simply aren’t enough people in the market to fill them. In fact, openings nationwide are still close to 10 million, with 1.7 job openings for every unemployed individual. These are encouraging numbers for job seekers. And this means that companies still want you. So, don’t be afraid to search for a job and apply, just because you heard that companies are laying off.

Beware of fake job postings

While many real employers continue to post real job listings, an increasing number of fake listings are making it onto job boards, causing false hope for wishful applicants and wasting a lot of their time. So, you need to be on the lookout for fake listings during your search. The best way to filter through job postings to eliminate the fake ones is to do a little research on the company before applying. First, make sure the company exists. Second, once you find them online, see if there’s any mention of open roles on their website. If their website displays a strong careers page along with open roles, then the job posting you found is probably legit. If not, you might have found a fake.

Prepare for rejection

Some people treat job hunting like a 9-to-5 job, dedicating every day to research and applications. Which is actually a pretty good strategy if you’re serious about your job search. While it may feel like a waste of time to submit dozens of applications (or more), now is not the time to give up. To find the right opportunity (that’s mutually a good fit for you and for the employer), it might take only a few applications, or it might take many. In this market, it’s important not to dwell on rejection. Keep going, be persistent. You’ll find the right role eventually.

Don’t forget to network

You need to search boards, but never underestimate the power of your network, which could be the key that unlocks your next opportunity. And if you don’t have a strong network to lean on, seek out networking events in your area, or even virtual events. Attending virtual networking events allow you to connect with people from a variety of different backgrounds. At events like these, confidence is key. If you don’t typically speak in large-group settings, push yourself outside your comfort zone to actively participate in discussions. This will help you get to know your peers quicker and see if you have any common ground to connect on.

A final key to success with virtual networking is to have your camera on if possible. Meeting people virtually and truly connecting can already be challenging, and people tend to relate better to a person's face as opposed to a black square. Even if you leave the event with only one new connection on LinkedIn, that could benefit you in the long run.