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by Vault Careers | October 29, 2018


The Internet is perhaps the most powerful job hunting tool ever created. With a few keystrokes, people seeking employment can be connected to virtually limitless opportunities. The same goes for employers, who can find thousands of qualified candidates for their open positions online. However, just because the Internet makes finding positions and candidates easier, that doesn’t mean the hiring process is easy. In fact, the Internet has complicated job hunting in a number of ways. Applicants and employers alike must understand how the digital job market works to ensure they stand apart from the rest of the pack.

For a job seeker, successfully navigating the online job marketplace means knowing the rules of the game. An applicant must work hard to craft his or her application and resume. An individual also must pay close attention to his or her social media accounts. Any posts that could be red flags for employers should be scrubbed. Likewise, employers have to concentrate on building their brands to be as appealing to candidates as possible.

For more tips on how applicants and employers can make the most of the digital job market, take a look at the accompanying checklist. It contains many of the most important steps to take to cut through the clutter so job seekers and employers can find each other.

This infographic was created by ESPO Engineering Corporation


Vinnie Esposito is an operations consultant at ESPO Engineering Corp., where he previously assisted in computer maintenance, building and repairs for the CAD department, CAD work and recruiting. Esposito is passionate about physical and virtual infrastructure upgrades and is always looking to find the best equipment and resources for the company.