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by Lisa Rangel | May 11, 2020


In the age of Covid-19, job searching hasn’t ceased; it’s simply changed. As we saw in the market crashes of 2001 and 2008, hiring still happens in recessions—and it will today. However, things aren’t going back to “normal.” Instead, we’re in a “new normal” now.

As outlined in a recent Bain & Company Insights brief, “CEOs working urgently to balance dozens of critical priorities each day are starting to focus on two leading questions: How can we ride out the crisis to emerge stronger than others in our industry? and How can the organization learn through this experience to win in a new world?”

In that new world, one thing employers will need to emerge stronger and win is a staff with the skills who can help them succeed. That means if you want to get hired in this "new normal," your resume needs to highlight certain traits and abilities, including the four below.

1. The ability to create new revenue streams.

It's more important than ever that your resume demonstrates how you've created new revenue streams for companies in the past. Increasingly, companies will need people to devise new money-making opportunities, as some revenue streams have dried up and others will dry up in the near future. Also, companies will need people who know how to take the right steps to preserve existing revenue streams.

So, your resume needs to show when and how you’ve done these things. Include measurable accomplishments relevant to the jobs you’re targeting, proving that you can do what your prospective employers need. Realize that many companies have taken financial hits, meaning the quicker they can pivot and recover the better.

2. The ability to cut costs using remote-working tools.

Since a vast majority of companies are now looking to significantly cut costs, and most companies are working remotely, it’s important to show off how you’ve streamlined costs and shortened timelines with automation and remote-working tools. You not only want to show that you’re familiar with these tools but also how you’ve exceeding expectations using them. This will help you to specifically demonstrate how you can help companies ride out the crisis, putting you well ahead of other applicants.

3. The ability to hire, train, and manage remote teams.

Remote work is the future for many companies, and expertise in it will help your job search considerably, if not be essential to it. In today’s virtual work climate, your resume needs to show how you've used project management systems and online workflow communication tools to exceed expectations and meet goals.

Know that remote work is here to stay, so it’s going to be increasingly important to show prospective employers how you’ve succeeded with it in the past. Note that you need to show more than just how you’ve been a successful remote employee; you need to show how you’ve enabled others to succeed as remote workers as well.

4. The ability to thrive in ambiguity and uncertainty.

Most people can make smart decisions based on past precedents or previous experiences. But not everyone can make sound decisions when there's no precedent. And that’s what’s needed now—people with "the ability to make something out of nothing."

This means your resume needs to highlight experiences when you solved problems without precedents. The ability to create revenues, forge profitable relationships, and minimize expenses without road maps are all highly desirable leadership traits during these times. So don’t be afraid to flaunt them.

A final note

The bottom line is the only people who definitely won’t get hired in these uncertain times are those who stop looking for jobs, believing hiring has halted. Don’t be one of these people. Instead, pivot your job search to be ready for the new normal, and showcase those new traits employers will need to hit their goals and succeed.

Lisa Rangel is the Founder and Managing director of Chameleon Resumes LLC (a Forbes Top 100 Career Website). She is a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Job Landing Consultant, and Recruiter. Lisa has been a moderator for LinkedIn’s Premium Group since 2012. Chameleon Resumes reviews the goals of each client to ensure career documents serve their goals while meeting the needs of the prospective employers. Rangel has authored 16 career resources, and has an active YouTube Channel with regular tips and advice.