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by Vault Careers | January 31, 2020


Lying on a resume: you're not supposed to do it. It's Resume Advice 101. Not only is it objectively wrong, but it's not even very strategic. If you get the job, the lies you told to get it are bound to come to the surface in no time at all, as you're tasked with something that requires you to use the skills you said you'd honed to an expert level when you've actually only got a passing knowledge.

Some job seekers tend to sugarcoat things on a resume. They add skills they don’t particularly excel at, stretch employment dates, or even lie about their past duties to pass through the applicant tracking system (ATS). But how often does it happen? ResumeLab recently conducted a survey to find out how many people have lied, or know someone who has lied, on their resume. Turns out, it's more frequent than one might expect.

Scroll down for a cool infographic that highlights some of the findings from the survey, and click here for the full results.

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