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by Vault Careers | October 25, 2017


Casey Brown giving a TedTalk

It’s very likely that you aren’t earning what you are worth, and that’s not a fault of your company but rather, you. Casey Brown, a price-for-value consultant clearly defines what it is that will get each person a raise when they earn it. Her overarching idea is that “no one is paid what they’re worth; they’re paid what their company thinks they’re worth,” so it becomes incredibly important for each employee to “clearly define and communicate their value.” She urges everyone, especially women, to find their own voice and to stop diminishing their work with their language, as it can detract the importance of work very easily. Instead, Brown wants everyone to own up to their work and to take charge of it.

“Doubts and fears are normal but they shouldn’t define you and they shouldn’t limit your earning potential.”

Watch her full TedTalk here:


Key takeaways:

  1. Define your value
  2. Communicate your value
  3. Realize your full earning potential and clearly state it. “No one will ever pay you what you’re worth; they’ll only pay you what they think you’re worth. And you control their thinking.”