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by Shelley Awe | November 15, 2021


We are excited to welcome two new editors to the Vault Law team! Travis Whitsitt and Carter Isham are both former practicing attorneys who are excited to share their perspectives and advice about law school, legal careers, and more. Get to know them below, and be sure to check out their first blog posts.

Meet Travis: 

Travis Whitsitt is a recovering lawyer based in Colorado. After finishing his undergrad in biochemistry, he worked in a hospital lab for a few years before entering law school and becoming a patent litigator. He practiced for seven years, doing time in both a small IP boutique and on a BigLaw office’s patent lit team. He specialized in corporate defense and worked for clients like Apple, Broadcom, and Qualcomm, among others. Getting laid off during COVID was a blessing in disguise, as he is thrilled to be free of the billable hour regime and part of the Vault Law team. He is excited to channel his experiences to help those who are on the same path he has walked. In his free time, he enjoys running, video games, skiing, hockey, and spending time with his girlfriend and the ten animals on her little farm.

Read Travis' first two blogs here:


Meet Carter:

Carter Isham lives with her family outside of Golden, CO. A graduate of Notre Dame Law School, Carter has experience with a wide range of roles in the legal field, including private practice, clerking, and serving as a research fellow for a constitutional law organization. She also worked as a Practice Area Consultant with LexisNexis for six years, working with Chicago-area law schools and law firms to provide trainings and research education to law students and attorneys. In her free time, Carter enjoys teaching her son new words, reading, hikes with her family, and traveling.

Read Carter's first two blogs here:


Stay tuned for more great content from Travis and Carter. And if you have questions or feedback about what you'd like our editorial team to cover, email us any time at


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