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by Leah Collins | March 09, 2021


Boosting your productivity and improving your project management skills takes intelligent planning, devotion to excellence, and consistent effort. It also takes the use of certain apps. As work gets more competitive and increasingly hectic, it’s essential to get help from one or more of the many online productivity tools and project management apps available. Here are five of the best ones out there.

1. ProofHub

It’s normal to feel disorganized and overwhelmed while working on different projects or while managing them. ProofHub is an all-in-one project management app that allows you to communicate better, keep work organized, and keep colleagues on the same page. It’s a single place where you can keep teams, projects, and work-related info altogether. It also allows you to assign tasks to specific employees, upload and transfer large videos, and keep track of time spent on projects.

2. nTask

To stay productive throughout a project, you need to keep track of so many different things. Which means the ability to keep track of everything in one place can be a game changer. This is where nTask come in. It’s an all-inclusive task management and project management tool that keeps all the related aspects of your project within one central platform. It makes sure that you’re on top of all tasks, getting status reports, and visualizing your progress. It also allows you to track time spent on projects and maintain timesheets. In addition, meeting tools are available, and you can create to-do lists and use the app to increase team collaboration.

3. GanttPro

For a team working on a project, being on the same page is critical. If you’re not all on the same page, the team will be left wondering how things are going and what to do next, which leads to a reduction in productivity. The online GanttPro software ensures that your team members are keeping track of different tasks. There is a visually appealing chart timeline that provides team members with a current picture of the way their plans are progressing. Some of the top features offered by GanttPro include: team collaboration capabilities with files, comments, and notifications; task assignment and management; deadline management; time logs for tasks and calendars; exporting and sharing dynamic charts; and budget tracking.

4. Chanty

This is a simple and extremely fast team chat app that improves communication within teams of all industries. By using Chanty, can easily get in touch with colleagues in public or private groups, and it also facilitates one-on-one conversations. There is a Teambook menu that permits you to maintain files, messages, tasks, and links in perfect order. Various integrations convert team chats into a proper command center, providing great control over all the info from the different apps you're using. You can also use Chanty voice messaging and calls for instant communication with team members. Some of the top Chanty features include: built-in task management capabilities, unlimited and free message history, audio and video calling and voice messaging, and file sharing.

5. Slack

Perhaps the most widely known app of its kind, Slack is a perfect team collaboration tool that can unify an entire team’s communication. Slack can integrate with other common apps that companies rely on such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box. Slack has excellent team communication and chatting features. You can set up reminders, and set up specific channels for various teams, groups, or projects within your organization. Its ease of use is just one of the many reasons so many companies are Slacking these days. And Slack works well for companies of all size, from small startups to global public companies.

Leah Collins is an experienced security engineer, with eight years of experience, as well as a part-time writer. She is young and ambitious, and hopes to share her knowledge an d experience with anyone willing to learn something new.