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by Sam Radbil | September 02, 2020


Increasing productivity and efficiency are important goals for any employee or team. The good news is advancements in technology make reaching these goals a whole lot easier. Below are several apps and platforms sure to boost your and your team’s productivity in a remote working world.

Task management apps

Before any project can begin, a list of known tasks must be made. Often, as a project gets underway, more tasks are added and those that are completed are checked off. An online task manager that can be shared by all team members is essential. Look for a program that creates and tracks tasks for individuals and the group, has collaboration tools, email notifications, scheduling and prioritizing options, and billing or invoicing capabilities. 

The last thing you want is to lose track of any part of a job, from assignments to budgets. and Trello are just two of many platforms with easy to use hubs. The use of a task management program lets everyone on the team know what has been done and what still needs to be done. Whether it’s revising a budget or contacting a client, no task on a project can be ignored or lost if a task management system is engaged.

Idea-storing apps

Whether you’re a property manager using new remote tools, a sales manager leading a team with members across the country, or a freelance writer working with numerous clients, you know that team efficiency depends on the sum of its parts—the people who make up the team. 

Team members are chosen for their individual strengths that allow projects to move forward to completion and the team to succeed as a group. Every member uses their own creativity to guide a project. Employ an idea notebook that can be shared with the group for truly collaborative teamwork.

Evernote is a free app for any smart device. It stores notes, information, ideas, images, articles, and more that can be shared and synced among any number of devices. If your team works together in real-time, Dropbox allows you to gather and share information for a common project. It's truly a collaborative workspace where team members can brainstorm and review ideas. Dropbox works flawlessly with applications like Sketch and Invision for complete team efficiency.

Calendar apps

Whether you’re a real estate attorney, product manager at a new tech company, an iBuyer, or regional sales manager, managing a team requires constant scrutiny of deadlines. Short, mid-range, and ultimately final goals can be handled with fluid efficiency using a scheduling and calendar platform. Enable each team member to access a group calendar from anywhere and at any time with Keep & Share, TimeTree, or Outlook. 

A calendar app should be intuitive to use and have capabilities like customizable features and the ability to be shared among devices and with other people. Notifications of upcoming deadlines, scheduled meetings, and client contacts can be managed in one place. A good calendar app will enhance productivity with reminders throughout the workday.

Messaging apps

Messaging apps are quick ways to ask and answer questions, and are increasingly not just for remote workers but also for people within physical proximity to one another. These apps allow you to type a quick message and get an equally quick reply, so you can continue working without (much) interruption.

Messaging apps also allow people to participate in or see relevant conversations, while also importantly allowing them to ignore messages not pertinent to their work. The most widely known team chat app is Slack, which is commonly used by workers and businesses for its intuitive user-friendly format and functions, although its price might be a factor for some companies.  

Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, and others also have dedicated channels for conversation threads. The interesting outlier for chatting is Discord. Originally built and branded for gamers, it has text channels like other platforms. However, the key feature is its voice channels. You keep your mic off, then push a key to start talking when you want to enter a conversation. Discord servers are topic-based so you can collaborate, share, and talk to teammates without interfering with group chats.

Increasing team efficiency regardless of where you work depends on communication. Quick messaging, video conferencing, and easy access to data are essential for teams to work together seamlessly and accomplish their goals.

Sam Radbil is the lead writer for ABODO Apartments, an online real estate and apartment marketplace with available apartments from college towns like Madison, Wisconsin, to major cities like Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. ABODO's research, rent reports, and writing have been featured nationally in Curbed, Forbes,, HousingWire, and more.