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Building on a Culture of Belonging

At PwC US, we are taking another big and important step in our diversity and inclusion (D&I) journey. For the first time, we are publicly releasing our diversity data and strategy. But more importantly, we are reinforcing our commitment to accelerating our progress as we continue to strengthen a culture of belonging.

Read our first Diversity and Inclusion Transparency Report

Diversity and inclusion

At PwC, we support an inclusive culture by acknowledging the unique experiences and perspectives each individual brings to the table. Clients look to us for broad thinking and perspectives. For that, we need people of different cultures, backgrounds and experiences—as well as the cultural dexterity to work across those differences.

PwC's Inclusion Networks

The purpose of PwC's Inclusion Networks, our internal professional affinity or employee resource groups, is to create dynamic communities of PwC professionals based on shared backgrounds, experiences or interests that help sustain our inclusive culture, connect client and external community networks, promote leadership development opportunities, attract talent and provide awareness and advocacy education.

To support these efforts, we offer:

• Minority Circles
• Women’s Networking Circles
• Parenting Circles
• OPEN (Out Professionals Employee Network) Circles
• Veterans Affinity Network
• Professionals with Disabilities Network
• Disability Caregivers Network

CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion

It's time to talk about diversity and inclusion in the workplace. For our employees, for our global communities and for our future, we pledge our commitment to elevate the conversation about workplace diversity and inclusion. Learn more about our pledge.

Challenge Your Blind Spots

At PwC, we’ve developed educational resources to help people recognize, understand and manage their potential blind spots. Take this quick quiz.

Explore additional videos and discussion guides.


Through PwC’s partnership with the UN Women's HeForShe initiative, we are working towards achieving global gender equality in the workplace and beyond.  When we work together and support each other’s success, we inspire new potential in the people and opportunities around us.

For more information, please read more on our diversity webpage.