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Tell me about yourself.

This question does not mean: “Tell me about your life history, beginning with where you were born, how many pounds you weighed at birth, where you went to elementary school, and what your relationships are with your parents and siblings.” Instead, what it really means is: “Tell me more about you as a person. Are you interesting? Are you sociable? Can you remain cool and calm when in the spotlight?”

When answering, briefly talk about relevant achievements, personal tastes, and any interesting facts about yourself, such as the various cities in which you’ve lived, and your interests, passions, and hobbies. Be short, informative, and, most of all, articulate.

While this might be an intimidating question, it’s actually one of the best opportunities an interviewer can give you because you can answer any way you’d like. Prepare for this question by going over your resume as well as the qualifications and responsibilities listed in the original job posting.

Then, give your interviewer a short summary of your background and career path thus far, making sure to focus on those experiences that are relevant to the position. The description should end with why you applied for this role, how it fits into your trajectory, and why you are excited about it.