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by Daisy Hartwell | February 01, 2018


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It seems like an education costs a fortune these days, but it's a little known fact that some of the world's most prestigious universities offer numerous free online courses. And many of these classes can significantly boost your career. They can teach you a new skill, improve the skills you already have, or deepen your knowledge about an industry, process, and even yourself. From animation and digital marketing to big data and artificial intelligence, here are some of the best online courses offered by top universities that will boost your career and won't cost you a dime.

1. Success at the University of Pennsylvania
Many free online courses from universities will not only expand your knowledge about scientific subjects but also help you learn more about yourself. This is one of those classes; it will help you learn more about yourself while you define what being successful means to you.

2. Communicating Strategically at Purdue University
This online training makes your speech efficient and teaches you how to encourage others.

3. Business Communications at The University of British Columbia
This course helps you structure your speech and encourage others to share ideas in a business setting. You can consider online courses with certificates like this one as an investment in your future.

4. Introduction to Public Speaking at the University of Washington
Here’s another course that will help you become more confident when speaking in public, including in meetings and interviews.

5. Marketing in the Digital World at the University of Illinois
This course requires only four weeks to be completed. You’ll gain insights into the most potent sphere of the modern business world: digital marketing.

6. Career Brand Management at State University of New York
The labor market is competitive, especially for young professionals. This course will help you become a successful future manager.

7. Career Options: Exploring a New Career at the University System of Georgia
Changing careers is always a challenge. Professors of this course will help you build a career plan and design a new cover letter.

8. Becoming an Entrepreneur at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Are you planning to start your own business? This course will guide your start-up and supply you with the necessary business skills. Classes like this prove that online universities are just as good as traditional ones.

9. Introduction to Accounting at The University of British Columbia
Are you working in business or marketing and want to learn more about accounting? This course will help you understand the differences between the various financial statements.

10. Introduction to Marketing at the University of British Columbia
Companies pay careful attention to colorful packaging and create exciting advertisements. But, how do they make these decisions? This marketing course will reveal the answer.

11. Global Business in Practice at Georgetown University
This course is for people interested in international business. If you want to know how businesses function in the global economy, this class is for you.

12. International Hospitality & Healthcare Services Marketing at Yonsei University
The course will uncover some of the significant aspects of the healthcare and hospitality industries. It will help those who want to dedicate their career to working in these spheres.

13. Introduction to Big Data at the University of San Diego
Online programming courses of this kind will, among other things, help you to: 1) understand problems with big data and its structure, 2) describe the 5 Vs (Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity, and Value), and 3) get a glimpse of programming. This is one of the IT courses online you can’t miss.

14. Artificial Intelligence at Columbia University
Robots are now a reality. You will learn not only about the history of artificial intelligence but also how to make algorithms. All within three months.

15. Statistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics at Columbia University
This online class will help you understand how to make random samples and calculations.

16. Graphic Design at the University of Colorado
First impressions are essential, and professors of this course understand that more than anyone. After this course, you will be able to: 1) make interesting presentations, 2) use a unique blend of colors and shapes to create reports, and 3) attract visitors to your website.

17. Animation and CGI Motion at Columbia University
Discover the process of animation and filmmaking. This course will teach you the core concepts of creating lifelike animations. Through this class, you’ll also learn the science behind the processes of animation.

18. Trade, Immigration, and Exchange Rates in a Globalized World at IE Business School
Sometimes, a college education is not enough to understand economics. This course will expand your views on international trade and tell you more about globalization.

19. Future Cities at ETH Zurich
Cities are complicated systems that consist of interdependent components. People, buildings, and streets are all critical parts of these human-constructed organisms. Learning more about them will help you see the future.

20. Personal Finance at Purdue University
Money shows our social status and prosperity. This course will teach you how to save it to make your dreams come true.

21. The Science of Happiness at Berkeley University
This course will help you learn more about happiness and yourself. It may not expand your knowledge in psychological theory, but it will undoubtedly boost your motivation and inspire you to live a life full of pleasant moments.

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