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by Rachel Montañez via Fairygodboss | January 02, 2019


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I’m a huge fan of personal and professional development. Regularly setting new goals helps you tackle boredom, adds skills to your résumé, and increases your chances of securing the job you want (or a promotion if you already have the job you want). Here are five courses that will help improve your soft skills, so you can land the position of your dreams.

1. Conflict resolution.

Conflicts at work cause stress, especially when they involve political views, lifestyle values, or personality clashes. "Intercultural Communication and Conflict Resolution" by Coursera is a four-week course that looks at internal conflicts. The course examines the intricacies of interactions between different cultures and covers stereotypes, generalizations, communication styles, and communication strategies. It’s a unique look at conflict resolution from a diverse perspective.

2. Effective communication.

Managers want to promote people who can work without direction and constant communication. According to Salesforce, 86 percent of corporate executives, employees, and educators blame ineffective internal and external communications as a primary reason for failures in the workplace. "Internal Communications Methods: Strategy and Tactics" by Udemy looks at how to create an effective communications culture. In less than 90 minutes, you’ll learn how to strengthen your communication using various communication methods.

3. A growth mindset.

Displaying a growth mindset and positive attitude helps you stay motivated and engaged. In the "Developing a Learning Mindset" course by LinkedIn, Gary Bolles shows you how to make learning a fun part of your routine. You’ll look at what drives your desire for learning, explore how the brain learns and remembers information, and have a strategy to create a self-inventory that tests your learning preferences.

4. Strong listening skills.

When you’re a good listener, you understand what’s required of you better, and are more likely to be productive. LinkedIn's "Improving Your Listening Skills" uncovers what makes good listening a rare art, how to develop the mindset of someone that listens and strategies to improve your listening skills. Seeking out and applying feedback is a crucial attribute of someone who's likely to receive a promotion, and listening enables you to do both.

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