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by Stephan Maldonado | May 07, 2019


Vault’s 2019 Consulting Survey is underway, with thousands of insiders at the world’s top consultancies weighing in on life at their firms. Insights into these firms’ culture, leadership, benefits, and more will form our 2020 consulting industry rankings. Each year, the Vault Consulting 50, the Best Boutique Consulting Firms, and other rankings in prestige, quality of life, and EMEA and APAC consultancies depend on the candid, anonymous feedback of our survey participants.

People are always curious to see how the Big 3—McKinsey, Bain, and Boston Consulting Group—stack up against other firms. Participants rate their own firms for our regional and quality of life rankings, but our prestige rankings are informed by their impressions of other firms and their reputation in the industry. What are consultants in North America saying about the Big 3 this year? Check out some of the buzz from this year’s survey.

McKinsey & Company

  • “[The] consulting firm with the most thought leadership, data-driven, great exit opportunities, and full of highly intelligent people.”
  • “Cutting-edge thought leadership...”
  • “High market share in premium segment…excellent talent and capabilities.”
  • “Historically strong reputation.”
  • “One of the best; their reputation speaks for itself.”

Bain & Company

  • “Great firm. [This is] the firm I would most like to work at other than my own.”
  • “I have indirectly worked with Bain; found them to be as strong as their reputation suggests.”
  • “People I’ve known at Bain seem the most satisfied.”
  • “Highly selective recruiting, strong brand.”
  • “Best-in-class management consulting.”

The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.

  • “Great firm with a good reputation and strong international presence...”
  • “[They] seem to have a good combination of scale, prestige, commercial success, and humility.”
  • “Clever, diversified services now with digital offerings. Top 3, nicest Big 3.”
  • “Extremely smart people, respected by other firms.”
  • “Has had excellent growth in the past several years—good digital practice…”