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by Vault Careers | April 27, 2015


In today’s competitive academic and job markets, you can’t afford to waste any time when it comes to job and graduate school applications. First impressions take shape before you even physically meet someone. Just like the saying "Your reputation precedes you", your online reputation today often precedes in-person meetings and interviews. 

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 77 percent of employers will look up a candidate online, which means it is more important than ever to make sure your online reputation and your personal brand shines online—you have to make your first impression well before you even get called in for an interview.

 There are many reasons why potential employers might Google you. First, it is an easy way to screen applicants. With a quick search, employers can learn about your hobbies, what you did last weekend, and even what you are up to today. At this point in the hiring process, employers are trying to narrow down the candidates, so some might be looking for negatives. If right off the bat you demonstrate a professional and clear online presence, they won't have a reason not to call you in for an interview. 

Another reason they may search you is because they want to know if you would be a good fit for the company. Employers want to know that you will represent yourself and the company in the best light possible. 

Fortunately, there are great ways in which you can ensure that you have a positive online presence. For example, members of have online profiles that outline their accomplishments, their resume, and their academic and career goals. With a published profile, a member’s talents, awards and skills are showcased—ensuring that these highlights can be found by potential employers and others researching. With a positive and professional profile like this, when employers search for the applicant’s name, they will see that the applicant is a respectable candidate and will represent the company well if hired.  

Another way members benefit from their online profiles is through their online portfolio that lives on Employers are looking for candidates who have experience and are digitally savvy. By publishing articles on, employers are able to see a member’s subject interest, professionalism, and writing experience. This is also important when sending in applications because a PDF portfolio is difficult to send, can take up a lot of inbox space, and can get lost in the shuffle. By sending the link to the profile and online portfolio, employers don’t have to worry about downloading large files. 

Not only does provide a way to display a student’s accomplishments, it also gives students the resources and tools needed to really make their resume and online presence shine. With opportunities for students to start chapters on campus and to intern for Elevate, the magazine, students gain real-life leadership and work experience that will take their profile to the next level. 

As if this isn’t reason enough to make sure your online presence is the best it can be, a positive online presence will not only bring in potential employers, but your profile will put you in front of scholarships. With resources like these, there is nothing holding you back from achieving your academic and career goals.


3 Tips to increase your online profile’s effectiveness 

1. Have your profile on a platform that will make sure that it will pull up at the top of your Google search. Because is considered a subject authority, its links rank high in Google search results. Students benefit from this because their profile will go to the top of the search of their name.

2. Go deeper than just your resume. Tell a story or write about your academic career objectives. This will allow you to showcase your personality, goals, and your writing skills.

3. Write articles or blog posts. serves as a platform where students are able to gain writing experience about their areas of interest. This shows employers that you are serious about their industry and are eager to be involved in it. 


Author Profile: Monica Woodhams is the Director of Marketing at is the preeminent organization dedicated to recognition of student success and to empower students to achieve. membership highlights academic achievement and thirst for knowledge and growth. Exclusive content, tools, and networking opportunities encourage members to achieve and succeed for a lifetime.