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by Colina and Hripsime Demirdjian, co-founders of Moji Edit | May 08, 2019


Over the years, we have come to realize a few things. The first is that the journey to self-discovery happens naturally and, for the most part, cannot be planned. The second is that it’s never too late to change your career path.

This is what happened to us. At the time we decided to explore tech as a career path and create Moji Edit, we were both studying law. We recall coming out of a long lecture, and a group of us were all chatting about what we wanted to do after graduating and the different opportunities we wanted seek, including travel. Hearing what our peers had wanted to do, we felt extremely fuzzy about whether we could foresee ourselves pursuing law as a profession.

As creative and forward thinking individuals, we knew our twenties would be the greatest years of our life and taking the safe route would give us a good life but would not feed our entrepreneurial DNA. One of the greatest traits we had acquired over the years was the ability to engage and acquire audiences across several social media accounts with our own curated content (we had amassed more than one million followers). The emoji was also at its peak, and this was something that fascinated us.

The idea of creating an emoji-related app, despite having no tech background, sounded exciting and challenging enough for us to be motivated about it. While we enjoyed studying law, university forced us to discover ourselves in a period of four to five years in ways that were mostly traditional and conventional. 

We decided to create Moji Edit because we wanted to make a change in our journey and follow our own “creative itch,” which was becoming harder and harder to ignore. While we had invested so much time and money into our law studies, we did not want to spend the rest of our lives pursuing a career path that would not fulfill both our personal and professional life goals.

Upon launch, Moji Edit—our app which allows you to create your own personal emoji and populates you in hundreds of personal stickers—hit the top App Store charts globally and was the most popular in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Within four weeks, we had scored 500,000 users, and now over 30,000 people download our app every day.

We are firm believers that hard work is never wasted. We believe that even if you don’t see things come to fruition immediately, consistently working at the same thing, even if you experience several failures, will lead to success. Looking back, the initial hard work we put in to understanding the market, learning more about the opportunity, and involving our existing social media audience to guide the development of our brand and emoji aesthetics all helped us create loyalty and trust beyond any price tag. We now have the opportunity to make big strides in the avatar space and lead the space forward. It has been a rewarding experience looking into the tech lens as a creator as opposed to a consumer.

At the end of the day, we all have the same opportunity to create, inspire, and drive change with the products we believe will make someone’s life easier, more convenient, and more productive. Each day we wake up with no idea as to what will happen to us, and if we use the unknown to our advantage, we will seek more from life than the known. Each of our stories will be different in their own way. Today and everyday, we should embrace life and live it without regrets—life is too short otherwise.

So entrepreneurs, creators, thinkers, and readers, start creating your stories today and embrace your own unique paths of self-discovery.

Co-founders of Moji Edit, Colina and Hripsime Demirdjian are female twins from Sydney Australia, known on social media as the Demirdjian Twins. They have been featured on Business Insider, Daily Mail, Startup Smart, Smart Company, ABC Radio, Today Show, and were recently invited as keynote speakers at Apple. With their success, Colina and Hripsime aim to inspire, encourage, and empower others, especially young women to enter the tech space. They want people to know that with a strong determination, perseverance and passion, young entrepreneurs can turn their vision into reality. 

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