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by Rob Porter | May 05, 2022


Whether you’re looking to start a career in information technology or you’re looking for a change, there are many companies both large and small where you could land your next great job. Today we will be talking about 5 great information technology companies to work for in 2022, so without further ado, here they are!



With 274 offices in 96 locations worldwide, those looking to start a career at Cisco will have little trouble joining up and becoming a “Cisconian.” Yes friends, Cisco even has a name for its global community of associates, and the organization prides itself on its “Conscious Culture” of encouraging its associates to be themselves.

Cisco is consistently found at the top of best companies lists, and offers its employees an array of benefits including comprehensive health coverage, onsite fitness centers, paid volunteer time, and its unique ‘swapping” program; try swapping 20% or 100% of your job with someone else on either a temporary or permanent basis.



Salesforce has many locations in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and in the Asia-Pacific. That means it’s likely that the company has an office not too far from your home! At Salesforce, equality is a core value and the company has set a goal to have 50% of its U.S. employees come from underrepresented groups by 2023.

In addition to the more traditional employee benefits such as healthcare coverage, PTO, and financial assistance and education, Salesforce has developed its B-Well Together program, which hosts a series of speakers who engage topics such as self-healing through self-transformation, learning to build resilience, the secret formula for a happy life, and many more!


NVIDIA Corporation

If you’re a gamer NVIDIA might just be the perfect fit for you. With a long history of creating high-quality graphics cards dating back to the -gasp- 1990s, one might say that NVIDIA is almost synonymous with the arcade games of yore, while still being more relevant than ever in the present.

With a solid set of employee benefits such as healthcare coverage, PTO, and an employee stock purchase plan, NVIDIA also offers one of the finest parental policies in the U.S.; offering up to 22 weeks of fully paid parental leave, unlimited reimbursements for adoption expenses, and programs that cover egg freezing and in vitro fertilization.


Intuit Inc.

Intuit Inc. operates on its five core values: integrity without compromise, customer obsession, stronger together, we care and give back, and courage. The company offers many remote positions, making it a great choice if you are unable to find a location close to where you live. When speaking about diversity and inclusion at Intuit, Inc. CEO Sasan Goodarzi said he believes it’s “about integrating and valuing everyone’s voice.”

Intuit offers a robust benefits package for its employees which includes the typical health care coverage and time off, but with more unique features such as college coaching that helps students get guidance and advice during the admissions process. Other unique benefits include onsite fitness centers, life skills training, pet insurance, and the company’s “Well-being for Life” program.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

Hewlett Packard Enterprises has its unique “Edge-to-Office” working policy that is dependent on flexibility and trust throughout the organization. This program has most roles working remotely, while roles that are deemed essential are provided with a workstation at one of Hewlett Packard’s offices. Either way, the organization allows its employees to use its offices during normal hours for collaborative purposes if they so choose.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise provides its employees with its Total Rewards program. This program includes a competitive salary with unlockable bonus potential based on overall performance. The company also encourages its associates to pledge up to four hours of paid time per month volunteering in their communities.

Information technology is an industry that is constantly evolving, and with advances being made at an ever-increasingly rapid rate, you can be sure that as a career path it won’t go out of style anytime soon. Choosing the right company for your life and circumstances is integral to having a happy, successful, long-term career.