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by Kaitlin McManus | May 01, 2020


phone with instagram

When it comes to using social media to advance your career, we all know that LinkedIn is the go-to, the gold standard of social networking. But LinkedIn isn’t the only tool out there with solid career content, inspiration, and advice—Instagram has a thriving career community of people who want to get a leg up on their career journeys and support those who want to make the most of their work lives. And in these times, it would be smart to use all the resources you can to stay nimble in your career. It’s also a good idea to connect with the community at large, since most of us are dealing with a fair amount of isolation. In light of that, we’ve gathered up some of the best career-centered Instagram accounts that can help give you that shot of inspiration you need.

Career Contessa (@careercontessa)

Career Contessa (not to be confused with Barefoot Contessa) is an account specifically for career-minded women, from advice to motivation and inspiration. It strikes a nice balance between funny one-liners and genuinely good advice and highlights the particular challenges (and victories!) that women experience in the workplace. It’s a good bit of mindful positivity to break up the never-ending feed of food pics and your mom’s cousin’s kid’s preschool antics.

Fast Company (@fastcompany)

Fast Company is a great site for keeping up with what’s going on in the developing business world (think tech, media, and design, among others), and their Instagram gives you some of the highlights of their latest coverage. Whether that’s a profile of tidying queen Marie Kondo and her joy-sparking empire or the future of the cannabis industry and what it means for the economy, the content feels fresh and interesting. If you want to know what’s new in business, Fast Company has got you covered.

Bossed Up (@bosseduporg)

Bossed Up brings solid career advice to the table, from how to handle interviews to, applicable more recently, dealing with Zoom fatigue. Burnout—and how to avoid or manage it—is a big topic on this site, making it a great fit for Millennials (The Burnout Generation, in case you hadn’t heard), but it also gives tips on the job search process, leadership, and workplace wellness. They also host regular webinars and a podcast for anyone who’d like to engage by listening rather than just “liking.”

Work Lessons 101 (@worklessons101)

Work Lessons 101 has gone way past 101 lessons—they’re in the 300-range now. This Instagram account puts up a daily piece of career advice. Whether it’s “Investing in your team can build loyalty faster than money can buy it,” or “Be aware of the time stealers. They interfere and prevent you from being productive,” their advice is straightforward and frank. And, given the daily format, this is a good account to find a daily goal or mantra—something to remember throughout the work day to try and do things a little better than you did yesterday.

Vault (@vaultcareers)

We had to give ourselves a little shoutout, of course! Vault’s Instagram features the best of our career content from week to week, as well as weekly motivational quotes and announcements of webinars and new releases. Our editors work hard to bring you the best in career news and advice—from interview tips, cover letter tricks, and how-tos for tackling workplace problems—and that goes for our Instagram feed, too. And, if you’re a lawyer, law student, or interested in pursuing the law, be sure to check out @vaultlaw to find industry-specific tips and advice.