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by Rob Porter | November 22, 2022


Are we currently in or headed for a recession? Well, it depends on your definition of what a recession is, or who you ask. The general definition of a recession is two consecutive quarters of negative domestic product (GDP); however, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) defines a recession as being a marked decline in economic activity over the course of three or more months. Either way, finding a job that protects you from the effects of a recession would be a great move. Here are some job fields that are as close to being recession-proof as you’re going to get.

Trade Workers

Trade workers are often described as the backbone of society, and it should come as no surprise. Trade workers build our homes, maintain our vehicles, and even perform certain functions in the medical field. Those who go through the process of an apprenticeship in their field will often enjoy excellent benefits, and they’re almost always in demand.

Some examples of trade workers are carpenters, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, dental hygienists, and radiation therapists. Trade workers perform important tasks that are always in demand, regardless of whether we’re in a recession or not. It’s also worth mentioning that the vocational education required to work in a trade is less expensive than the average bachelor’s degree, and many of the jobs often command a very respectable income.

Utility Workers

Even in the worst-case scenarios, society relies heavily upon its infrastructure. Our infrastructure is what provides us with running water, lights, and even our all-important internet connection. Imagine a recession without cute kitten videos on YouTube—no thanks!

Some jobs in the utilities industry include power plant engineers and managers, safety engineers, wastewater engineers, and gas and pipeline controllers. Of course, each of these jobs require different levels of education and training, but any one of them will provide that extra protection in the event the economy takes a dive.


We recently spoke a bit about the importance of an adequate education. Even if the economy takes a serious downturn, we must make sure that children and young people are still receiving the same quality of education that they’re accustomed to. This means that jobs in education will always be needed, regardless of the economic climate.

You don’t have to be a teacher to work in education. The field is broad, and includes a number of other important jobs such as administrative staff, janitors, school nurses, and even bus drivers. Yes friends, education is a great field that offers many different job possibilities for a variety of experience levels.


If a pandemic can’t stop the moving wheels of the healthcare industry, then you know it’s got to be strong against a recession. In uncertain times, the health of a society is still high priority, which grants medical professionals with essential status. In fact, landing a job in the medical field will protect you from just about anything.

You don’t have to be a doctor to enjoy the benefits of working in the healthcare field. Some examples of other jobs in the healthcare field are registered nurses, laboratory technicians, certified nursing assistants, administrative workers, and patient care technicians. Similar to the education field, there are many roles in the healthcare field that are suitable for individuals with a wide variety of education and experience levels.


No matter how bad things get, a functioning system of law is always needed. You don’t have to be a lawyer or even possess a Juris Doctor to participate in the legal field, as there are many other jobs that are more or less always in demand. From legal assistants to paralegals, all the way to court employees, there are available opportunities for a wide range of experience levels.

Those who are working in the criminal defense, bankruptcy, or healthcare law fields seem to be the most recession-proof. Another great career in law that might not get a whole ton of attention these days is the court reporter. Court reporters have a lot of control over their earning potential, and many run their own small businesses.

Public Safety

This may be the last entry on our list, but it is still very important. During times where the economy is in free fall, there are still emergencies that need tending to. Jobs such as police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and security guards are pretty much always in high demand.

Similar to some other entries on our list, jobs in public safety are available to individuals with a wide range of experiences and education levels. Keep in mind that public safety jobs are often among the most dangerous, and your salary may depend on many factors including your title, or the location where you are working.

Having a recession-resistant job is one way to protect yourself in the event the economy takes a turn for the worse. Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive and there are other industries available to you if you’re looking for a recession-resistant job. Try to picture which industries would be most needed, or which ones might actually benefit from negative economic effects in terms of demand. If you’ve got yourself a nice, recession-resistant job, it’ll be smooth sailing for you, regardless of the economic climate.