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by Vault Careers | July 23, 2019


Changing careers at any point in our lives can be both scary and exciting. It’s an opportunity to start fresh and pursue something that aligns better with our goals. The road to a new career, especially when you’re mid-career, does take time and effort. Depending on your experience, you’ll need to take the time to learn new skills, network, and research opportunities that are out there.

In addition to becoming the best candidate for your next job, you should also take your financial situation into consideration. Quitting your current position to job hunt full-time sounds great—until your first month’s bills roll in. This is why it’s crucial to plan ahead and talk with your loved ones when contemplating a career change. Do you have an emergency fund you can lean on while you’re job hunting? Do you need to remain with your current employer to stay afloat?

These questions are the reasons why the team at put together this infographic to show you how to financially prepare for a career switch. Reviewing your budget, bills, and savings isn’t the most exciting part of a job hunt, but it is necessary to ensure you can still make ends meet. Having a financial game plan laid out can take your focus off of your finances during your job search and realign your energy with the job hunt itself. Take a look at their tips below to see what things you’ll need to do start your career switch on the right foot.

financially prepare for a career change infographic

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