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by Alan J. McMillan | October 26, 2015


The recent news of 300 layoffs at Twitter is proof that you can suffer career setbacks even at highflying companies. What lessons can the rest of us take away from this kind of news?

Always Be Ready For Your Next Job Search 

For students on campus or early in their careers, the amount of jobs you will have has drastically changed. Two generations ago, your grandparents had one or two jobs. Your parents had between nine and 11. A report I was recently briefed on from a leading recruitment firm estimated that your generation will have in the neighborhood of 17. This includes part-time, high school, and through retirement. This means you should be ready for a new role or job every 2-4 years.

Remember the job search equation:

Your Brand + Your Network + A High-Activity Process-Based Job Search = Multiple Offers

So your daily execution of development and growth keeps you ready and confident for whatever the future will bring.

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