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Alan J. McMillan

After a successful career as a Silicon Valley high-tech executive, Alan McMillan wanted to give something back to the generations coming behind him. Seeing many members of his own generation unprepared for retirement, and the difficulties facing the millennial generation in the employment market as they started their careers, McMillan realized that the two were intimately connected: without a life-long focus on their careers and retirement savings, millennials were no more likely to be prepared for retirement than his own generation. That insight led McMillan to start, a company that reaches young adults with critical life and career skills. Typically highly practical in nature, McMillan's advice touches on a range of issues from preparing for the job search to achieving the dream of financial independence. 


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How to Transition from Campus to Corporate Life

by Alan J. McMillan | May 15, 2017

Planning your financial future is a key component of a successful transition from college to work.

9 Ways You Can Still Land a Summer Internship

by Alan J. McMillan | March 27, 2017

It's not too late to find a summer internship, as long as you follow these tips.

How to Extend Your Job Search Beyond the College Career Fair

by Alan J. McMillan | February 15, 2017

Learning how to move your job search beyond campus recruiting doesn't just broaden your options--it also helps you to gain job seeking skills that will be useful throughout your whole career.

What to Do If You Get a Job Rejection

by Alan J. McMillan | January 12, 2017

Getting rejected from a job doesn't have to be the end of the process for you--especially if you can figure out how to overcome the objections.

How to Reject a Job Offer Without Burning Bridges

by Alan J. McMillan | November 14, 2016

Knowing how to reject a job offer is a career skill that can help you in the long term--especially when you want to change jobs a couple of years down the line.

9 Steps to Nail the College Career Fair

by Alan J. McMillan | October 03, 2016

Learn how to prepare for your college job fair, including tips on what to bring, and what questions to prepare for.

Personal Branding: Who You Are vs Who You Want to Portray

by Alan J. McMillan | August 26, 2016

When working on your personal brand closing the gap between what you want and what you portray can be crucial.

Find Out What You Want After College

by Alan J. McMillan | August 03, 2016

The precursor to a life out of school is 16 years of education, all of which passes in a flash of homework, lectures, and ends with a few agitated...

How to Make a Job Fair Work for You

by Alan J. McMillan | August 01, 2016

Navigating a job fair can be difficult, which is why we’ve got the step-by-step guide to ensure a successful job fair experience for you. Follow our steps to land your next job:

Does a Repeat Internship Make a Job Offer More Likely?

by Alan J. McMillan | June 17, 2016

Getting a repeat internship offer is great--provided you picked the right company in the first place.