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by Vault Careers | November 18, 2015


Vault recently released its Top Internship Rankings for 2016. These included a prestige ranking, an overall best internship ranking, a best internship for quality of life ranking, and several rankings by industy. The rankings were created from the results from our annual internship survey, which asked nearly 6,000 current and former interns to rate their internships, as well as their dream internship employers, in various categories.

In addition, the survey asked interns to tell us if they received or expected to receive a full-time offer at the end of their internship from their internship employer and, if so, if they were going to accept that offer (note: the survey was administered at the end of this past summer, when some interns were still interning). Below are the results to this question.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 At 5.25.00 PM

As you can see, 67% said they received or expected to receive a full-time offer and will accept, 6% said they received an offer or expected to but wouldn't accept it, and another 11% were unsure about receiving an offer or not.

And so, it seems safe to say that approximately 75% of (or 3 out of 4) interns on average receive full-time offers after interning. Which means that an internship is highly important with respect to landing a full-time job. And which isn't all that surprising.

When we speak to recruiters, we at Vault hear that companies are increasingly sourcing their full-time entry-level employees through their internship programs. And the table above certainly supports this.

In any case, check back next week when we'll be revealing more results from our internship survey, including a list of common interview questions asked by top internship employers and how to answer them.

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