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by Rob Porter | May 02, 2023


There are many benefits to renewable energy, such as reduced pollution, improved public health, and economic development, just to name a few. According to The International Renewable Energy Agency, 90% of the world’s electricity should come from renewable energy sources by 2050, which means a whole lot of new job opportunities. Here are some great careers in renewable energy.

Wind Turbine Technician

The first entry on our list is not for the faint of heart. Yes friends, wind turbine technicians often find themselves working at heights up to and exceeding 200 feet! In this role, you’ll be performing maintenance, identifying mechanical problems and malfunctions, and repairing those giant, energy-producing wind turbines. One thing’s for sure—you’ll have a great view!

With green energy on the rise, the demand for this profession is expected to grow by more than 40% between now and 2031, so if this job appeals to you, now is a great time to get into it. To get started, all you’ll need is a high-school diploma, and wind turbine technicians can expect to make anywhere between $60,000 and $77,000 per year.

Solar Engineer

As a solar engineer, you’ll be involved with the design, development, and even installation of solar panels and other types of solar energy. In addition to this, solar engineers are responsible for testing equipment, performing experiments, and developing innovative solar technology that can be used in homes and business all over the world.

The demand for this role is expected to grow at a rapid pace over the next ten years, and those who are interested in becoming a solar engineer should seek to obtain a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or a related field. As a solar engineer, you’ll be making anywhere from $94,000 to $126,000 per year.

Computer and Information Research Scientist

If you’re a problem solver and you love thinking outside the box, this role might be a good fit for you. As a computer and information research scientist, you’ll be responsible for identifying and solving computing problems, and developing innovative uses for new and existing technology. These skills make computer and information research scientists valuable assets in a number of industries.

This is one of those jobs where you could find an entry-level position with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, but you’ll have far more opportunities with a master’s degree. Computer and information research scientists command a very respectable salary, making between $74,000 and $144,000 per year on average.

Energy Efficiency Consultant

Also known as energy auditors, these professionals analyze energy usage data and develop cost-effective ways to increase efficiency. Along with this, energy efficiency consultants are responsible for ensuring that companies remain in compliance with various regulations and as such, they often find employment in government agencies.

In order to become an energy efficiency consultant, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in earth science, environmental engineering, or a related field. Additionally, many companies prefer potential employees to be Certified Energy Auditors (CEA) or Certified Energy Managers (CEM), so having either of those certifications will help immensely. In this role, you’ll be making anywhere between $76,000 and $109,000 per year.

Chemical Engineer

This role is perfect for all the science nuts out there. Chemical engineers possess skills in several areas including biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. In this role, you’ll be on the cutting-edge of the renewable energy sector as you devise new and innovative ways to generate energy.

Many schools have specialized programs for those who are interested in becoming chemical engineers. Typically, these are four-year programs; however, certain schools may offer five-year programs that lead to a master’s degree. As a chemical engineer, you can expect to make between $62,000 and $187,000 per year.

With solar energy currently in the forefront, renewable energy is expected to surpass coal as the largest source of electrical energy generation across the globe in just a few short years. This will no doubt provide numerous benefits, both social and economic, and those who are looking to start a career in the renewable energy sector will find a wealth of opportunities, regardless of their education and experience levels.