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by Travis Whitsitt | July 02, 2024


Carter Isham, the Director of Vault Law, was recently quoted in a Law360 Pulse article titled Small Firms Put Unique Spin On Summer Associate Programs.

Carter is quoted in the article as saying "Law students are coming into their career search with more parameters in mind than perhaps previously, and that can be geographical parameters, that can be practice area parameters, that can be, 'I don't want to work in BigLaw,' whatever those are....They're coming in with more thoughts about what they would like their career to look like."

Regarding an intense one-week training program at MoloLamken designed for 2L summers, Isham called it a smart approach and is further quoted as saying "You're bringing them in, you're showing them kind of what they can get at your firm, but you're not competing with the bigger firms in terms of what they're doing with summers....So the idea is, down the road, they would look to come back to you."

For further details about the best summer associate programs in the country, check out Vault Law's Best Summer Associate Programs ranking for detailed profiles of all ranked firms in a variety of categories, including training, social experiences, and favorite summer events.

Those with a free Law360 account can view the article itself in its entirety.