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by Travis Whitsitt | October 17, 2022


On Thursday, November 10, 2022, Vault Law will host a 1L Diversity Summit for diverse law students in the very early stages of their legal careers. You can register for this free informational summit, and learn more about it below.

Join a Panel Discussion on Finding and Using Mentors

You’ll have the opportunity to join a panel discussion on meeting and forming relationships with potential mentors, as well as on best practices for getting the most out of those relationships once they've been established.

Listen to a Keynote Speech

Watch the newsletter in the coming weeks to learn who our keynote speaker will be, as well as their topic.

Join a Panel Discussion on Microaggressions

Microaggressions at both law school and in law firms remain an unfortunate reality of legal practice. We are offering a panel discussion on how best to respond to them as part of our programming for this summit.

Join a Panel Discussion on Career Paths

Given that the number of paths to a legal job is about equal to the number of practicing attorneys, there are many stories to hear about how a given attorney reached the place they are today. Join this discussion to hear a few of those stories.

Join a Panel Discussion on Maximizing Opportunities for Diverse Candidates

As a diverse candidate for a firm job, there are many opportunities out there exclusively available to you if you know how to search for them. Join this discussion for some tips on finding and leveraging such opportunities.

Join a Panel Discussion on Succeeding While Maintaining Individuality

Like it or not (hopefully you do!), the firm you join will have a particular culture around things like "professionalism," and other social norms you'll be expected to follow, as with any group of human beings. Join this panel to learn how to navigate these things without surrendering your uniqueness.

Learn About Top Employers Through Virtual Booths

In addition to benefiting from talks and panel discussions, you'll gain insights and expertise from representatives from many top employers who actively recruit, interview, and make hiring decisions. Several employers will host virtual booths, and within those booths you can get inside information on those employers.

How to Register

The Vault Law 1L Diversity Summit is free, and you can register here.