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by Nancy Zafrani | December 11, 2023


One of the things technology has done is give rise to a group of people who call themselves “digital nomads.” These people want to work from anywhere, use technology for their jobs, and move to destinations of their choice. Some will stay in a location for only a few weeks and then move.

Digital nomads travel to different destinations and work from peculiar places such as beaches, camping tents, waiting lounges, and hotel rooms. These people need to mix adventure and work. You’ll find them enjoying different activities after work, such as hiking, nature walking, or going whitewater rafting on the weekends.

The digital nomad lifestyle came about during the pandemic, when most companies forced their employees to work from home. From their remote working experiences, many people realized that they needed freedom and flexibility.

Digital nomads need a conducive environment that allows them to enjoy life and work. They don’t let their work get in the way of their adventure, and vice versa. Let’s look at the best places to live as a digital nomad and how to satisfy your lifestyle choices.

Growing trend of remote work among recent college grads

Traditional workplaces have experienced a great blow in recent years, as many people now would rather work remotely than in the confines of an office. Others are comfortable with a hybrid setup, which involves going to the office and working remotely.

Recent graduates, for the most part, prefer working from home. The younger generation values the flexibility that comes with working remotely. Any business looking to attract and retain the younger generation must consider a remote work setup.

Many job seekers seeking work/life balance consider the work environment and location as key factors. Recent graduates choose to work from the comfort of their homes, hotel rooms, or Airbnb, as long as they achieve the flexibility they deserve. By working remotely, digital nomads achieve the following:

Satisfy wanderlust

While digital nomads still want to achieve their career goals and climb the corporate ladder, they also want to have fun. They don’t want to be confined to offices with strict working hours. The only way to grow their career while enjoying the freedom to explore the world is to work remotely.

Achieve work/life balance

Just because you do remote work doesn’t mean that you’re already having fun. You might still find yourself working 10 hours a day from an Airbnb somewhere. If you don’t know how to plan your schedule and stay disciplined, you might be sacrificing one for another. To enjoy the benefits of remote work, you must create strong boundaries, adopt good habits, and shift your mindset.

How to choose a remote work location

When choosing your remote work location, you must consider your individual needs as well as those of your work. Some of the things to consider in a remote work location include:

Co-work space

Remote workers find themselves working in different places. You’re going to share an office and different amenities with people from diverse industries. A good co-working space should allow you to do your work without disturbance. It should have the needed amenities, such as a comfortable office chair and desk and a good internet connection.

Digital infrastructure

You won’t do your work in a place with poor network reception. If you’re going to surf the web while doing your work, you need a strong internet connection. The digital infrastructure should undergo good maintenance and regular upgrades.

Time zone

Many people working remotely also move from one destination to another and find themselves in different time zones from their work location. Imagine missing a Zoom meeting because it was set to 1 pm, but your watch reads 10 am. Always keep track of time from wherever you might be by using the correct time-tracking apps. Also, update your colleagues on your time zone so you can plan your work easily.

Top cities for digital nomads

Not every city supports the digital nomad lifestyle. Remember, you need a place that will satisfy your desire to travel and have fun while still growing your career. Here are great places to move and satisfy your nomadic lifestyle. 

Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

The trendy lifestyle, digital spirits, and great beaches make Canggu in Bali a haven for digital nomads. Bali offers some of the best waves you           can ever find. The destination is a great choice for people looking for self-care and connection with the real world.

You can enjoy great food, wonderful digital nomad cultures, and a great shopping experience. If you want to enjoy peace and quiet, you can consider touring the rice fields, which offer nothing but tranquility. The nightlife in Canggu is another adventure to look forward to, with bustling bars along the beach.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the city that brings the past and the present together thanks to its vibrant culture, relaxed atmosphere, and exotic landmarks. Berlin offers the life that digital nomads desire by allowing them to work and have fun at the same time. The city is vibrant, has a great transportation system, and is relatively cheap.

The place offers not only an adventurous lifestyle but also a great place to work, boasting a fast internet connection and great co-working spaces that give you ample time to finish your work.

Bangkok, Thailand

If you’re traveling to Asia, consider stopping at Bangkok in Thailand to enjoy the digital nomad's lifestyle. The city offers a diverse culture, great energy, and plenty of opportunities for the younger generation. If your ideal lifestyle consists of both life and staying, Bangkok should be your ideal destination.

To satisfy the nomadic lifestyle, Bangkok offers wonderful co-working and co-living spaces. You can enjoy Thai cuisine or some street food to satisfy your craving. When you’re not working, enjoy the bustling markets and great culture.

Some other great places where digital nomads can live well and work include: Miami, Lisbon, Minneapolis, Istanbul, Singapore, Mexico, Boston, and Penang.

How to make the digital nomad lifestyle work

Becoming a digital nomad requires planning and dedication. You can make it work if you follow some of these tips:

Minimize possessions to move easily

To become a digital nomad, you need to start by eliminating clutter and embracing a minimalist lifestyle. Remember, you’ll move a lot and might not be able to carry large items with you. Only have essential items that make life easy and fun wherever you go.

Ensure your employer and colleagues are aligned with your lifestyle choice

You can collaborate well with your colleagues and get along with your employer if they understand your lifestyle. Of course, this doesn’t mean you do shoddy work or miss deadlines. You must stay productive and attend meetings when called for. Communicate your plans in advance so that everyone knows what to expect.

Maximize personal and professional growth opportunities

Don’t focus so much on traveling and having fun that you forget personal and professional growth. Personal growth starts by taking care of yourself, networking, and getting in touch with society. For professional growth, you can consider improving your skills by enrolling in various online classes.

Nancy Zafrani is the General Manager of Oz Moving & Storage, with 30 years in the industry and a lifetime of knowledge as a New Yorker. She helped grow the company from three employees to 200 with 50 trucks and locations across the U.S. Her experience and organizational skills have led to over 500,000 successful moves. She is proud to lead a company that provides the best possible moving experience.