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by Jeriann Watkins Ireland | September 15, 2017


A man using an iPad to access the Cloud

The prominence of the cloud has made conducting business easier than ever. People can collaborate in real time, making remote work simple and effective. This ends up saving many companies lots of time and money. But is your business taking full advantage of the cloud? We’ve got the 3 categories where focus on improvement is vital to successfully using the cloud.

1. Allowing Flexible Schedules

People work best when they can build their workflow around their strengths. Cloud technology allows for faster communication, with collaborative documents being able to be updated in real time. This allows team members to make edits at their convenience, all with time stamps, and without the need to send updated documents.

Flexibility in scheduling also includes flexibility in location. If someone works better on the go, or is capable of completing their work remotely, it can really benefit a company to allow that. This means investing in reliable technology though, ensuring that employees with company devices have wi-fi capabilities and other vital functions.

 2. Official Documents

Cloud technology has made it easier than ever to send and receive updated documents without having to create multiple drafts and copies. History stays in tact, and everything is streamlined. This can be incorporated into most business processes that involve paperwork. Signatures for legal documents can now be completed and verified online. Job applications and other company documents can now be finalized as pdfs without forcing people to print off and re-scan the documents. Making sure people can fill out your pdf documents without conversion or printing increases efficiency on both the company and the individual side of things. This is a proven example of simplicity increasing efficiency, which almost always benefits a business.

3. Data Security

There’s no doubt the cloud increases efficiency, but is it secure? Since collaborative programs like google docs became popular, companies have been asking, how secure is the cloud? As with most security topics, the answer depends on the security measures you take. Encryption and strict privacy protocols can go a long way into keeping data secure in the cloud. In fact, in some instances, cloud storage can be more secure than dedicated network storage. It all depends on the resources you put toward security. If you work with a dedicated cloud storage provider, you could end up putting less resources into maintaining cloud data security than you would with physical or localized alternatives.