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by Vault Careers | February 17, 2017


We've written a lot about automation in the past year. We've written about how to prevent your job from being automated, which jobs are most at risk of being replaced by automation, and which jobs are still pretty far away from being automated. But we've never, until now, wondered if robots, when they inevitably replace us, should be taxed like us. Which is certainly a good, if not odd and uncomfortable, question, and one that governments and companies all over the world will soon have to address.

And so, the fact that one of the richest and forward-thinking people on the planet is now talking about this issue is a welcome development.

In a recent interview with Quartz, Microsoft Founder Bill Gates talked about taxing robots, speaking out about how and why robots (the companies that make them, that is) should not just replace human jobs but should also replace human tax dollars.

Watch, in the video below, what Gates has in mind for the "robot tax."

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