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Jobs That Robots and AI Can’t Do

by Rob Porter | February 16, 2022

Automation may be the way of the future, but these jobs will always need that special human touch.

5 Automation Trends Impacting the Finance Industry and 10 Fintech Firms Driving Them

by Christopher Grey | August 13, 2019

Finance firms are increasingly using tools and programs to automate their work processes. Here are five areas in which automation is disrupting the finance industry, along with some of the fintech firms driving this change—all of which are hiring.

The 7 Skills You Need to Get Hired Over a Robot

by Derek Loosvelt | May 09, 2018

According to a new study, 91 percent of employers plan to increase headcount due to automation. However, you need to have seven specific skills in order to get hired.

How to Save Your Career When AI Kills Your Job

by Derek Loosvelt | May 02, 2018

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more prevalent in our working lives. Find out what you can do to keep up—and still have a job when AI goes mainstream.

How the Return of At-Work Happy Hours Explains the Future

by Derek Loosvelt | June 27, 2017

walmart reinstated happy hours at

The Rise of Robots and Decline of Coal Miners

by Vault Careers | March 31, 2017

the rise of the robots and the decline of the coal miner

Are JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs Transitioning from Banks to Tech Firms?

by Derek Loosvelt | February 28, 2017

JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs say they are tech firms, not banks. We evaluate.

Should Robots That Steal Jobs Pay Taxes? Bill Gates Says They Should

by Vault Careers | February 17, 2017

bill gates says robots that take our jobs should pay taxes