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Vault’s Verdict

Grassi is ideally searching for hardworking self-starters looking for a challenging professional experience in public accounting. The firm’s valuable internships offer students hands-on experience, preparing them well for full-time roles. Grassi’s career development opportunities for its full-time staff are extensive, and include very effective training, a focus on promoting from within, and excellent mentoring.

While the busy seasons can mean long hours, Grassi focuses on providing its staff with a healthy work/life balance and good quality of life. There is a hybrid work option, a lot of schedule flexibility, a generous PTO policy, and a general understanding around personal commitments outside of work. Meanwhile, salaries, perks, and benefits are competitive, and wellness offerings include Zoom meditation sessions, counseling reimbursements, gym discounts, and frequent, firmwide wellness emails.

Grassi places a significant emphasis on DEI programs and ESG programs. The firm is especially focused on diversity with respect to women, and promotes the importance of each individual’s uniqueness. Each year, Grassi has various community service project days on which it partners with charitable organizations, allowing employees to volunteer their time instead of working. As for Grassi’s business outlook, the firm has been growing steadily, has a strong leadership team in place, and is well-positioned to continue to thrive.

Hiring Process

“The firm's HR team coupled with the professional staff team involved in this process does a great job of seeking out and helping candidates learn about the firm so they can make an informed decision regarding joining. The firm seeks out self-starters looking for a challenging professional experience in tax, advisory, and attest positions.”

“The interview and callback process was quick, efficient, and very effective.”

“Ideal experienced level candidate has four to seven years of experience, and is well-rounded with audit and tax skills.”

“I had a very positive experience during my recruitment to the firm. However, I know it is hard to obtain new staff right now for everyone, and Grassi is experiencing this as well.”

Interview Questions

“More of a personal conversation and getting to know each other rather than questions specifically about accounting.”

“I was asked to explain where my prior experience lay and had discussions about where I see my future going.”

“The firm asks questions to determine what the candidate is looking to accomplish in order to make sure there is a good fit.”

“What are your three-year goals?”

Internship Experience

“I was sent to a client site as an intern. It was a great experience. I was able to learn how an engagement is actually run.”

“I had a lot of experiences as an intern that are relevant to my work now and are helping me with tasks.”

“I experienced a wide variety of areas that helped me make an easy transition into the full-time work.”

Career Development

“Grassi's career development programs are outstanding. There is a lot of very effective training. They are open to you pursuing any learning opportunity internally or externally.”

“Hard work is rewarded. Firm likes to promote from within and makes it a priority to identify candidates and provide learning opportunities to them.”

“There are many opportunities afforded to employees for career progression vertically. There is a good flow of information that allows lower-level employees to climb ranks and move up.”

“Excellent mentoring and promotion system—extremely well organized.”

Quality of Life

“The firm promotes a work/life balance and recognizes the importance of establishing this type of balance. Unfortunately, busy-season demands continue to exist, but this is part of the profession.”

“The firm is usually pretty flexible regarding hours and allows employees to have a work/life balance as long as the work gets done.”

“They're very understanding of those of us who have families and how that impacts our needs for a sufficient work/life balance. In my time at the firm, I have only felt supported in their mission to help everyone’s overall quality of life—I do not see any negatives yet.”

“The firm is very understanding if you need to take time off or to be flexible with scheduling. No complaints thus far.”

Salary and Benefits

“The firm’s salary, benefits, and perks are all very good.”

“Great benefits. I feel well compensated for my doing my work so far.”

“Raises and bonuses are underwhelming. Would benefit from having specific criteria that needs to be met to obtain a certain raise/bonus amount or percentage.”

“They offer competitive salary and benefit packages. Excellent compared to other firms. They are open to work-from-home and hybrid schedules where needed.”

Wellness Efforts

“There are employee online seminars related to wellness and well-being—meditation, book club, and others on a biweekly basis. Company pays for gym in the HQ and partially reimburses for other gyms.”

“They have Zoom meditation sessions during busy season to help everyone stay clear and calm. The insurance they offer has many perks for counseling and reimbursement programs. They have a women’s initiative that does book clubs and other things that promote women’s mental health in business.”

“The firm places a significant emphasis on wellness awareness and has specific programs to promote same.”

“In addition to meditation and exercise programs, wellness emails are sent out frequently. The firm works to make varying opportunities available to staff.”

Diversity, Philanthropy, and Green Initiatives

“The firm places a significant emphasis on DEI programs and ESG programs. We are diverse in all respects and promote the importance of each individual's uniqueness.”

“The firm has done a good job in these areas, and I believe a majority of firm’s employees would agree.”

“Grassi is incredibly positive towards women in business. I am unaware of any LGBTQ+ people whom I work with, but our employees from staff to partners are very diverse. They run GGB (Grassi Gives Back) where we do multiple community service projects throughout the year.”

“The firm feels very diverse. All genders and races are happily welcomed into the firm. We have multiple give-back days where we partner with a few charitable organizations to donate our time instead of working in the office those days.”

Business Outlook

“The firm has been growing steadily and has always had a strong client-service proponent.”

“During Covid, they did not have to cut salaries or staff. They speak of not having any intention of merging (as many other firms are), which is very attractive for a lot of people who do not wish to merge.”

“The firm is positioned to grow but has had difficulty hiring and retaining staff.”

“Very strong firm leadership, and the firm is growing due to a very organized marketing approach. Our leaders are pragmatic yet entrepreneurial in their approach to identifying opportunities.”


750 Third Avenue
28th Floor
New York, NY 10017
Phone: (516) 256-3500

Firm Stats

Employer Type: Private
CEO & President: Louis C. Grassi, CPA, CFE
COO & Partner: Ron Eagar, CPA, CCIFP
CHRO: Jeff Agranoff
2023 Employees (All Locations): 459

Major Office Locations

Jericho, NY
New York, NY
Park Ridge, NJ
Ronkonkoma, NY
Needham, MA
Via Carducci, 4, Rome, Italy

Major Departments & Practices

Practice Lines: Construction, Architecture & Engineering, Manufacturing & Distribution, Automotive, Cannabis, Financial Services, Franchises, Healthcare, Nonprofit, Real Estate
Service Lines: Business Advisory, Accounting, Tax, Assurance, Private Client Services, Trusts & Estates, Forensic Accounting, Litigation Support, Technology Consulting, ESG