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Vault’s Verdict

Schellman is looking for hardworking, self-starting team players who have good time management and communication skills and are eager to learn. For its staff, Schellman provides many career development opportunities, including training resources and mentors and the ability to move within the firm. Some insiders say the initial training could be more extensive. There is a strong emphasis on work/life balance and schedule flexibility, and the culture is very collaborative and team-oriented.

Salary, perks, and benefits are generous and generally get good reviews from staff. The annual raise process and 401(k) matching get especially strong reviews, while some insiders say parental leave and the insurance coverage could be better. With respect to wellness offerings, there is an affinity group dedicated to health and wellness, and the firm provides access to the valuable HealthJoy app and offers one free year of Peloton classes or Apple Fitness+ subscriptions.

Schellman makes a conscious effort to tackle diversity and inclusion, and has many internal resource groups devoted to diversity and representation equality, covering LGBTQ+ individuals, BiPOC individuals, women, and veterans (the firm has many veterans on staff). Schellman also focuses on philanthropic activities, matching employee contributions and providing paid time off for volunteer efforts. With respect to the firm’s business outlook, Schellman continues to grow aggressively and add new clients, its employee morale is high, and its leadership is very transparent. The CEO holds weekly updates and monthly all-hands meetings, making sure staff are informed on recent endeavors and successes

Hiring Process

“It’s a pretty straightforward interview and callback process. The ideal candidate has great time management skills, can handle multiple clients at once, has good communication skills, and is a hard worker willing to learn.”

“The ideal experienced professional candidate can work in both team and independent modes. High collaboration and strong work ethics are cornerstones of our operating environment, and a commitment to very strong interpersonal skills and relationship building is central to our firm's culture and behavioral mindset. Schellman strives to maintain and protect a people-first attitude to its employees and clients.”

“The interview process begins with very informal phone conversations with the recruiting team. Once a decision has been made regarding whether to proceed, a more formal virtual or in-person interview is held that is more technical in terms of the questions asked. I believe the firm is focused on hiring individuals that are self-starters, have the ability to effectively manage their time, and can work well in teams.”

“Ideal candidate has people and technical skills. Interview includes a few questions on the service line you are applying for, a discussion with management, then a meeting with the hiring manager/director/principal.”

Interview Questions

“For campus hires, our interviews are more behavioral in nature, giving us a view into how the candidate may perform in the hurly-burley of client service and IT audit. Questions include: How do you approach studying for a big exam? How do you spend or plan your day? Describe yourself in a group setting.”

“Biggest strengths? Biggest weaknesses? How do you schedule your day? Who is someone you look up to outside of your family? Tell me about a time when you led a project and team members were difficult and argumentative. What did you do?”

“The typical questions that the firm ask are mostly around working in groups and ability to learn and take initiative. The firm assesses hard skills and soft skills to determine whether or not a candidate is a fit and if they are able to work with teams and clients alike.”

“The questions are pretty standard, and Schellman looks more for the team fit and personality fit than how a particular question is answered. There is a set of more technical questions that are related to typical client environments and specific to the service line that the candidate is interviewing for. It is not overly difficult, and they provide the case questions in advance so you have time to prepare for a walkthrough with a senior member or manager of the team.”

Career Development

“I’ve had plenty of opportunities to try out new service lines as well as conversations about what putting the next promotion in my career. I’ve also been given designated time and financial reimbursement/inventive on multiple occasions to pursue certifications.”

“Career development is great. The firm does a good job of providing resources to help individuals achieve the next level (if that is their desire). Also, ample opportunities to move within the firm. There is room for improvement around mentorship and feedback on a project-by-project basis, as turnaround for reports is quick and therefore there’s little time for reflection on performance after every project is provided.”

“The company focuses on promoting from within and provides many opportunities for promotion and career development. My coworkers are very competent and willing to answer questions. It can be hard to know what questions to ask when you're very unfamiliar with the work.”

“Although growing explosively, Schellman is still relatively limited in terms of overall service lines and market offerings; we only do audit. While specializing on IT audit has allowed us to carve a solid niche in the market, that, in and of itself, is still limiting for people who want to try advisory or consulting. However, within IT audit, we do almost everything, including a number of services that the Big 4 can't, or won't, offer. We have expertise as varied as PCI and privacy, so if someone wants to try something new, they certainly can. I've seen it happen not only for myself but also for half a dozen colleagues.”

Quality of Life

“Tremendous emphasis on work/life balance and flexibility. There is a sense of teamwork to help peers. The organization values its people and invests heavily in their development and success.”

“This is the best part of Schellman. I absolutely love that we work from home and travel is kept to a minimum. Our team is happy, our clients are happy, and we're able to have the best work/life balance. The worst part is the staffing shortage. This translates to a heavier workload and more hours worked, especially if you're a high performer, but that's typical for the industry it seems.”

“We are growing quickly, and that means we are taking on numerous new clients but also hiring many talented individuals to help with the additional workload. It has been a busy transition period, but upper management is handling it appropriately and the future is looking bright as far as having the resources we need for everyone to have a healthy work/life balance.”

“The people are great at Schellman, and the culture is the best. Transparency is provided from the top down, with issues such as strategies around recession, work/life balance, etc., discussed with a level of respect by leadership.”

Salary and Benefits

“Salary is great for my region, and the remote work and culture isn’t offered anywhere else in my state and service line that I’m aware of. Also, the entire benefits package feels genuine, and I can’t recall any low-quality benefits that just feel like a check-the-box exercise.”

“Benefits and perks are amazing, but parental leave could be better. Six weeks of fully paid bonding time is very limited. Short-term disability for birth-giving mother is not that good due to restriction of pay.”

“The annual raise process is consistent and rewarding, and the 401(k) matching is at the top of the industry. However, insurance benefits could be improved. Having no monthly payments is a plus, but it would be nicer if there were lower co-pays at the doctor’s office, especially at a specialist, therapy, dermatologist, etc.”

“Fantastic benefits and compensation. I absolutely love the remote work and hope it continues. Educational reimbursement and exam reimbursements are appreciated as well. I would love to see fertility benefits in the benefits package as well as gym reimbursements.”

Wellness Efforts

“They have an affinity group dedicated to health and wellness, which advocates and provides many opportunities for employees to focus on their individual health and wellness during work hours and after work. They also hold an annual ‘reboot’ company retreat to help the entire company unwind and spend quality time together with your team and plus one.”

“We all work from home and have a lot of time for self-time. The company has HealthJoy, which supports health and mental support and awareness, and offers one free year of Peloton classes and will reimburse any gym fees accrued while traveling. Counseling is covered in our medical benefits.”

“Schellman has implemented a number of measures and started several initiatives in the past year or so to support mental health and general wellness among all employees, including the HealthJoy app and a recurring monthly mental wellness newsletter.”

“The firm has established dedicated wellness groups, and management consistently reminds personnel of the importance of having a healthy work/life balance and support during challenging circumstances. The firm has continued to add benefits to support this initiative every year since I have joined.”

Diversity, Philanthropy, and Green Initiatives

“We have several Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) as well as programs to encourage and match charitable giving and assist underserved businesses and groups. We have SchellmanWIN (Women's ERG), SchellmanPRISM (Diversity ERG), SchellmanPRIDE (LGBTQ+ ERG), SchellmanCARES (Charitable giving program), SchellmanBRAVO (Veteran's ERG), and many others.”

“Schellman makes a conscious effort to tackle diversity and inclusion. I appreciate our employee-centric approach of employee support group-led webinars, discussions, and other events on diversity and inclusion topics that matter most to them. D&I thus becomes something tangible versus something stale and distant. Similarly, our approach to philanthropy empowers employees to not only give back but also give back to causes that matter most to them—and receive a company match for doing so. Our 24 hours of volunteer time off (VTO) is also a generous, meaningful perk that I have not seen elsewhere in the industry—and goes beyond the ‘mandatory; Day of Giving event the firm puts on.”

“The firm matches employee contributions, provides us with 24 hours a year of paid time off specifically for volunteer efforts, and has active ESG initiative. We have internal organizations devoted to diversity and representation equality, and these are open to all employees for participation. These groups cover LGBTQ+, BiPOC, Women, and Veterans. There are many veterans on staff, and we have a wonderful diversity amongst out colleagues.”

“As someone who identifies in the LGBTQ+ community, I have found the company to be absolutely the healthiest and most inclusive that I have ever worked for. One thing that drew me to this position/company when I was applying was the number of women who are in senior leadership roles to include the CEO and COO. I personally met the CEO on my new-hire orientation, and she was very down to earth and treated all of us equally and with respect, which I have never really seen in an organization before. I feel like this company takes diversity with respect to women, LGBTQ+, and race and ethnicity very seriously, and it is one of things many things I love about this company. I also think this company handled the August 2022 hurricane in Florida incredibly, especially for those who were immediately affected, which brings me hope that if a natural disaster ever occurred in my area that I would be given the same support.”

Business Outlook

“I continue to see exciting and successful clients added to our portfolio, while at the same time we are retaining high quality clients from past projects. First year engagement work is often more time-intensive than repeat business, but I have been pleasantly surprised with the level of detail and effort put in at the manager and above level to not just maintain audit quality but also continuously deliver a strong service for our historic clients. Furthermore, I feel like my job is very secure even though that’s not the case for all businesses that work in and with the tech sector.”

“Employee morale remains high as the firm continues to adopt aggressive growth goals. While it can create some areas of stress to achieve those goals, executive leadership consistently monitors team morale and performance and makes adjustments accordingly.”

“We are aggressively growing in the face of a looming recession. Overall revenue is still growing. Our service offering is getting more diversified, making us an even larger player in the niche space we are in. We are becoming a key competitor with the Big 4 firms in the accounting industry. Employees are eager to work and improve their careers with the increased opportunity. However, the larger we get, the less intimate Schellman’s gifts, dinners, and company trips become. This could impact employee morale.”

“I feel very positive about the firm's business outlook. The company does a fantastic job through the CEO’s Friday updates to the monthly all-hands meetings in helping to make sure that everyone feels informed on recent endeavors, successes, etc. I have faith that our leadership at Schellman will continue to guide us through many great years to come. I feel like the company, at only 20 years old, is still growing rapidly, and it's great to see. Employee morale is generally high, and although we have competition with other accounting firms, we are emerging as a top consulting and audit firm.”



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Phone: (866) 254-0000

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Employer Type: Private
CEO: Avani Desai
COO: Debbie Zaller

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