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About Discord

Discord was born out of friendship and a shared passion for connection and communication. Jason Citron and Stan Vishnevskiy, now CEO and chief technology officer respectively, grew up playing video games together, and wanted a way to chat and talk while playing their favorite games. The two friends decided to create a platform that would allow seamless communication over the internet, whether through voice calls, texts, or video chat. Other tools to communicate over video game sessions were notably difficult to navigate and use. Discord was built with simple technology to create a user-friendly experience. Some of its best features are its three communication channels, designated user roles, and programmable bots. 

Not only did Citron and Vishnevskiy create Discord to be used over multiplayer video games, but to be used by communities of all kinds. Discord’s largest communities are still video game groups. Nookazon has over 400,000 members, and Roblox and Dynamo Gaming have about 300,000 each. All of these groups have what are called “servers,” platforms that allow for the simple and seamless communication provided by Discord. These servers can break off into smaller groups called “channels.” Whether it's a hiking group, a social justice initiative, or one of the platform’s epic gaming groups, Discord provides a place to talk.

The platform has 150 million active users, 19 million active servers per week, and around four billion minutes of daily server conversation. The team at Discord is a small, passionate team of designers, engineers, and other integral employees who all work tirelessly to provide the easiest to use communication platform out there. The upside-down leadership style fosters a work environment where, according to CEO Jason Citron, “managers act as support and guidance for individual contributors.” The workplace is one full collaboration and communication, which make perfect sense considering the mission and goal of Discord.


444 De Haro St
San Francisco, CA 94107
Phone: (888) 594-0085

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Employer Type: Private
CEO: Jason Citron

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San Francisco, CA

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