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At Capital One, we aspire to attract the brightest talent and give them the chance to be great. We seek candidates with an entrepreneurial mindset who have the courage to challenge the status quo and help us re-imagine money for our customers and inspire life. We know we have found a good candidate when we see a deep intellectual curiosity, a passion for our Mission and to drive positive change, and an inclination to lead with heart and humanity.

To impress our recruiters, show us you’re willing to think big and collaborate with the dreamers and doers to reinvent banking. Come to the table with an appetite for innovation, an open mind and an “others first” attitude. Be excited to join an inclusive culture that thrives on supporting our customers, teammates and communities.

“It is really about ensuring we get to know you and you get to know us during the interview process.  We want to know what you are passionate about and what draws you to an organization focused on innovation and delivering amazing products and customer experiences. We want you to share in our excitement and commitment to reimagining the banking industry. We also want you to be open to sharing your strengths and the skills or competencies you are looking to build upon, and how that aligns to the role you are seeking. It really comes down to feeling your passion, competence and drive as it relates to the mission and strategy of the team you will be joining— and Capital One overall!”

—Jennifer Anderson, MVP Talent Acquisition

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