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Executive in Health Care and/or PharmaceuticalsNew York, NY2020VERIFIED EMPLOYEE
Quality of Life Review

Work hours in the office are fairly well kept to 40-45 per week on a five day basis. Employees are encouraged not to work after hours, but there are times when client needs intrude. Actual hours in the office are less, because employees are permitted to work from home one day per week (preferably Tuesday through Thursday). For my part, the commute to the office is over two hours each way. Flexibility allows me to incorporate working from the train into my schedule. By this, I am in the office 9-4 and I work 2.5 hours/day on the train. Most other employees live closer to work, and so they are generally in the office 9-5 or 9-6. Business travel at the executive level (under normal conditions) is 25-35% and mostly focused on visits to each of our four offices. Analysts likely travel 10-15%, which mainly includes attending medical conferences.

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