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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 88 total (86 2Ls; 2 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2022): 66 out of 66

Summer Associate Salary:

$ 4,134.62 /week

Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Laura Creque
Legal Recruiting Senior Manager
(202) 261-7763

Our Survey Says

  • “The training and assignments were incredibly helpful. Frankly, the assignments I got over the summer were almost exactly like the ones I've had as an associate. It was great preparation.”
  • “I was able to engage substantively with meaningful assignments in a variety of practice areas, including pro bono work. My work gave me a strong sense of the responsibilities of a junior attorney, the substantive areas of law that each practice group engaged with, and the expectations the firm sets for attorney work product.”
  • “We were regularly given assignments typical of a first-year associate that were ultimately sent to clients. The assignments gave a genuine insight as to what life as an associate in a particular practice group would look like, while also not overwhelming summer associates. We were given opportunities to attend training sessions offered to junior associates, and had trainings geared toward summer associates on a variety of practical and substantive topics.”
  • “I was given a fair rotation of assignments in differing practice groups, but was generally allowed to influence which types of assignments I worked more on. I gravitated toward the transactional practice groups and worked in those areas, often as a substantive member of the team, but also sometimes on smaller shadowing opportunities as well.”
  • “Programs were enjoyable, and provided an opportunity to build relationships with the attorneys and gain insight to their practice. Summer associates had strong camaraderie. We had a several-day orientation in New York, where we were able to get to know each other. Some of these relationships have lasted years, and [the events] made for a better working relationship.”
  • “I really enjoyed the weekly social events, and I got to know many of the attorneys at these events.”
  • “Our summer group became very close despite a hybrid online and in-person format. We had social events several times per week, and over the course of the summer, the class developed strong relationships with one another that have persisted into our first year at the firm.”
  • “I knew practicing would be different from the internship, especially when it came to the hours of work and the expectations of my work. But I have been happy with the transition, and the progress I have made. They made it clear that the summer program was not the same hours we would experience as a practicing attorney.”
  • “Almost [no difference], excepting that the work is faster-paced and more substantive. Attorneys and partners gave very realistic impressions of what the work would be like, and what opportunities would be available.”
  • “None. Firm attorneys were very open about the culture, work, and expectations that Dechert associates could anticipate. My experience thus far has conformed to what I was told, and the culture and work are as I expected them to be after my summer.”
  • “I enjoyed mentorship dinners, … ice cream socials, virtual programs on bouquet building and cocktail making, sporting events, etc.”
  • “Baseball games and dinners with partners. …”
  • “We did a virtual udon-making class that was fun, and then we also had a rooftop gathering to meet and greet about halfway through the summer program, that was nice.”
  • “Shuffleboard, ping pong, Broadway shows!”

The Firm Says

As a summer associate at Dechert, you will discover what it’s like to work at one of the world’s most respected and dynamic firms. From day one of the program, you will build your network when you join us in New York to meet your summer associate colleagues from around the U.S. When you return to your home office, we will offer you challenging assignments working on the most sophisticated matters in the legal market. You will have the opportunity to take real responsibility on substantive work for clients and will be introduced to our award-winning pro bono program. Our collaborative culture and busy social calendar will help integrate you into our community, and our dedication to mentoring and industry-leading training programs will ensure your success. Most of all, you will get a realistic view of practicing law in a leading global firm and see what makes us Dechert.