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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2022): 75 total (63 2Ls; 12 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2021): 59 out of 61

Summer Associate Salary:


Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Our Survey Says

Training & Assignments

  • “I was given substantive work and guidance throughout. Whenever I needed help finding something, everyone I asked was willing to help. The feedback I received was very helpful. I wrote memos, conducted legal research for cases, drafted transactional documents, etc.”
  • “The firm provided real work for summer associates that showed a mix of the kinds of work associates do. I also did a few assignments outside my designated practice area to get a feel for work in other parts of the firm.”
  • “During my time as a summer associate, I was tasked with performing legal research and preparing memos, drafting corporate meeting minutes, and reviewing various agreements.”
  • “Work is funneled from full-time partners and associates to the hiring partner. The hiring partner then distributes the work on a portal to each of the summer associates. The assignments are generally substantive tasks directly affecting ongoing matters.”

Social Opportunities


  • “The firm strikes a great balance between providing fun social events while also leaving plenty of time for summer associates to spend outside of the firm.”
  • “We had several outings during the summer associate program, including concerts, cooking classes, and restaurant outings. The firm invited associates and partners so that we could socialize with our peers and others already at the firm.”
  • “The firm had virtual social events because of COVID in 2020. We had pizza making classes, drink mixing classes (they shipped us the alcohol and materials), and interactions with attorneys.”
  • “Social events were scheduled frequently and well attended by attorneys from a variety of practice areas.”

Associate Experience vs. Summer Expectations


  • “I expected a bit more hands-on training and learning, but overall, my expectations have been met. I am pleasantly surprised by how helpful and kind senior associates are. Senior associates are very generous with their time and assistance.”
  • “My experience is generally in line with my expectations I had as a summer associate, if not better. Many more senior attorneys, even partners, have made themselves available to us and seem genuinely interested and invested in our careers. I have never felt limited as to assignments I could or couldn't ask for, nor have I felt like my summer experience gave me a false sense of what life would be like at the firm—it has been thoroughly enjoyable thus far.”
  • “Big assignments and direct work with partners and clients right from the start. I didn't realize they'd give us quite so much responsibility from the get-go. There's also a lot of flexibility to set your own path and cultivate the type of work you most enjoy right from the start, too.”
  • “The full-time associate position is more autonomous. During the summer, work was given to each associate by the hiring partner and program coordinators. Once you begin full-time, you need to seek out the work yourself.”

Favorite Summer Events

  • “We did a wine and cheese pairing which was very interactive and allowed everyone to chat and learn something new.”
  • “Pizza-making class.”
  • “We did both a virtual escape room and a remote painting class, both of which were innovative and engaging ways to socialize in the socially distanced setting of the pandemic.”
  • “The drink-mixing class.”

The Firm Says

The summer program is an integral part of Holland & Knight's hiring effort, as we hire the majority of our junior associates directly from our summer program. We strive to give our summer associates an accurate sense of what it is like to work as a first-year associate at the firm, and we hire each summer associate with the expectation that we will extend an offer for a full-time position at the end of the summer. During the summer program, we provide intellectually challenging assignments that allow summer associates to showcase their analytical and advocacy skills while strengthening their writing capabilities. Opportunities include observing depositions, attending court hearings, drafting briefs and pleadings, writing substantive research memorandums, conducting due diligence, assisting with closings, and participating in client negotiations. We expose summer associates to challenging client work and provide them with access to comprehensive substantive training and mentoring programs, so they will gain insight into the practical aspects of a law firm career.