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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2024): 45 total (34 2Ls; 11 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2022): 52 out of 55

Summer Associate Salary:

The average summer associate weekly salary is $3,980 and the range is $3,654 - $4,327.

Summer Program Length:

8-10 weeks typically

Summer Program Contact

Catherine Clement
Director, Legal Recruiting

Our Survey Says

  • “The training and work assignments were great. I was given many opportunities to try out different legal practices and different types of assignments. The attorneys I worked with gave me challenging work, which helped me grow professionally, and they were encouraging and supportive. Partners and associates volunteered their time to thoroughly review assignments with me.”
  • “We had great training on all different practice groups so that we could better choose what we wanted to practice.”
  • “I was able to write substantive responses to Office Actions which were filed at the USPTO, and I was able to research and draft summaries of case law that were eventually used in a motion. I was asked weekly about my work flow and if there was any type oof project that I wanted to work on.”
  • “All social events were highly attended, and attorneys made efforts in integrating the summer associates into the firm. Attorneys were very responsive and friendly, and often invited summers to go out to lunch for a chance to chat and get to know each other. All the bigger events were well planned and well thought out.”
  • “The social events felt plentiful without being overwhelming. The bond between the summer associates felt genuine, and my class of summer associates is still tight today.”
  • “My firm's summer associate program was affected by the pandemic, but we were given the opportunity to work in the office. My firm planned great summer associate events where I met attorneys from other practice groups. I enjoyed interacting with attorneys and other summer associates.”
  • “The firm did the best they could given the situation. We had virtual events where we got to know others at the firm, and associates were super kind and helpful.”
  • “I feel that the description of firm life given by attorneys I spoke to during my summer with the firm was mostly accurate. The firm is very family-friendly. I find it very easy to manage my workload around my family obligations, and I find most people are very understanding. I am able to leave early, work late, work from home, and make any other adjustment I need without much fuss. I often don't even ask permission to do these things, and I appreciate the autonomy and respect I am given.”
  • “My current work experience as a first-year associate has not differed from my expectations of what it would have entailed when I was a summer associate, because I was told what I should expect and had read about the firm's culture.”
  • “So far, nothing has really differed from my expectations I had as a summer associate. I have been extremely happy with my time at my firm. I think the summer program gave a real insight as to the firm's culture and caliber of work.”
  • “I never got to physically experience working at my firm until I started as an associate. I have been pleasantly surprised by my experience. I truly enjoy working with all of my colleagues, and everything the firm said about its free market system and getting to forge your own path was true.”
  • “The firm's summer pro bono event, because it was the first time during the program when I was able to go into the office alongside most others.”
  • “My favorite summer events were all food centered. I enjoyed exploring different restaurants with the firm attorneys.”
  • “My favorite summer event was the party boat leading up to the 4th of July. ...”
  • “Virtual wine tasting and baseball game.”

The Firm Says

At K&L Gates, we’re committed to providing every summer associate with the tools to succeed. Our Summer Associate Program gives law students like you the chance to see what it’s really like to work at our firm. You’ll get real-life experience on diverse projects typically seen by new associates and participate in pro bono work. You’ll be invited to accompany our lawyers to court appearances, arbitrations, depositions, trials, client meetings, and other key events as they work on a broad range of projects. You’ll receive regular formal and informal feedback on your ongoing performance and developmental progress. You’ll also have the opportunity to build your network and brand, and interact with the firm’s partners and associates during informal social activities. As one of our summer associates, you’ll have the opportunity to explore and define your interests, make significant contributions, learn from exceptional lawyers, and make a difference in the community.