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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2020): 17 total (8 2Ls; 9 1Ls)

Summer Associate Salary:


Summer Program Length:

6 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Blakely Marston
Recruiting Manager
(205) 581-0771

The Firm Says

The Firm Says

Lightfoot’s summer clerks are actively involved in our cases—no “busy work” research projects here. We assign our summer clerks projects that challenge and interest them. More importantly, summer clerks are assigned projects that matter to Lightfoot and our clients. Because Lightfoot hires primarily through our summer program, we want our clerks to know what it is like to be a Lightfoot lawyer. The goal of our summer program is to identify students who are capable, comfortable, and prepared to take on real work on day one as an associate. We also plan activities to give summer clerks an opportunity to get to know our lawyers and their families, as well as our beautiful city of Birmingham. From Friday afternoon “firm meetings” at a local bar to dinner gatherings at our attorneys’ homes, our summer clerks get a taste of the Magic City along with Lightfoot’s family-first atmosphere.