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Summer Program Stats

Summer Associate Salary:


Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Jackie Catena
Chief Talent And Organizational Development Officer

The Firm Says

Our summer program is designed to give students a realistic view of what it’s like to practice at Manatt. We seek to maximize the opportunities and experiences of a small, select group of students by providing summer associates with a customized experience based on their interests. Our program is designed to give summers as much insight as possible into our practices, people and culture. Our associates are given the opportunity to work directly with clients as rapidly as they demonstrate a capacity to assume such responsibility. Our matters are leanly staffed providing associates with a challenging level of responsibility early in their careers. We are deeply committed to diversity, public service, involvement in the communities we serve, and excellence in all we do. Our work environment promotes professional development, teamwork, respect, and a fundamental reverence for a broad diversity of people and ideas. We are passionate professionals inspired to make the world a better place.