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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2021): 20 total (22Ls; 8 1Ls)

Summer Associate Salary:

$2,267/week (Average representation of the firm’s salary)

Summer Program Length:

8-10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Margaret (Meg) Holman
Chief Talent Officer

Our Survey Says

Training & Assignments

  • “I received more substantive work assignments than my friends at other large firms, which I really appreciated. I developed more writing skills early on because of this. Also, while we do not receive formal training on substantive legal topics, we receive a lot of training on firm resources and research, which is invaluable to my practice today.”
  • “I received substantive assignments in terms of research and writing. I was able to help draft pleadings and motions. I also had a lot of opportunity to do cutting edge research on California law related to employment.”
  • “There was no ‘fake work.’  Everything I was given to work on was for clients. Everyone did a good job of trying to get me different work and observe many things.”
  • “The assignments were well thought out and presented challenges necessary to test my aptitude and competency for the legal profession.”

Social Opportunities

  • “At Ogletree, the summer associate program is left up to the specific office. There are no retreats for summer associates and there are no events that all summers attend. My office worked hard to make sure I got to work with all attorneys in the office, and set up weekly lunches with a shareholder. We also had a few after-work events, but not as many as other large firms.”
  • “We usually only have about 2-3 summer associates [per office]. During both summers, I was very close to the other summers. We all worked together frequently and got along well. We have plenty of after-work and lunch events to get to know other attorneys. Ogletree values comradery and makes it a point for their summer associates to get to know shareholders, counsel, and other associates alike.”
  • “The firm provided opportunities to participate in the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD) Scholar Program. The firm also sponsored different charitable initiatives that benefited animals and veterans along with community events that allowed for interactions with clients. Additionally, the firm had lunches that provided the opportunity to socialize with everyone in the office (attorneys, administration, and staff).”
  • “I felt valued as a summer associate. I had the ability to interact with just about every other associate and partner socially. I was also the only summer associate at my office, so at times I felt like the odd one out. But overall, the firm made me feel valued, and often provided opportunities for socializing during work hour events.”

Associate Experience vs. Summer Expectations

  • “When I was a summer, I expected to be doing the thing I am doing now. The biggest difference is the amount of responsibility you hold as a licensed attorney versus as a summer associate, but I'm sure every first year has the same feeling. Having billable hours is also a big difference that I'm sure takes some time to get used to.”
  • “My firm only does advice on employment law/ labor and immigration and cross border transactions related to employment and labor. I knew what I signed up for from the start, and my experience at the firm was exactly what I thought it would be. The cases were interesting and complex, and the practice is ever evolving because of the speed at which California law changes.”

Favorite Summer Events

  • “My favorite summer event has to be the annual duckpin bowling tournament. The entire office is split up into teams, comes up with a team name, designs shirts, and competes for the championship title. It is so much fun and it has to be the most popular office event of the year. It's also a great way to get to know co-workers that you wouldn't normally work with every day.”
  • “Car shows and the LCLD program.”

The Firm Says

Ogletree Deakins—with 53 offices and approximately 900 attorneys across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe—provides a unique opportunity for summer associates to work in a leading labor and employment firm serving employers of all sizes and across many industries. Each summer associate will become immersed in the unique culture of their assigned office and also participate in activities that bring the entire summer associate class together, across offices, for learning and social interaction. Programs hosted by the firm’s Talent Department—such as shareholder panels on being the best associate you can be, presentations from leadership on topics such as the firm’s commitment to DEI, trainings on the nuts and bolts of daily practice, resources on lawyer well-being, and fun social events—serve to enhance our summer associates’ robust in-office experiences and training and provide a window into life as an attorney at Ogletree Deakins.