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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2023): 24 total (17 2Ls; 7 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2023): 17 out of 17

Summer Associate Salary:

Chicago; New York
Summer Associate: $3,940/week

Boston; Atlanta; Houston; Los Angeles; Miami; Orange County; San Francisco; Washington DC
Summer Associate: $3,460/week

Kansas City; Denver; Hartford; Philadelphia; Seattle; St. Louis; Tampa
Summer Associate: $3,265/week

Summer Program Length:

10 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Chris Kaufman
Search Committee Chair
(816) 474-6550

Our Survey Says

  • “The firm’s summer associate workflow program leaves the kinds of projects you get up to the individual summer associate. I chose to take on a broad variety of projects ranging from dispositive motions for actual cases to legal research memos to business development projects.”
  • “The summer program offers a great opportunity to get a sense of the work environment and the expected workload as a first-year associate. Mentors were readily available and were patient in working with me. They took the time to give additional background information about a particular project and even shared tips and tricks to help improve my skills and efficiency.”
  • “The work we receive as summer associates is mostly memoranda-based. However, we can pick from many substantive, motion-practice assignments, which we receive real feedback on, if we so choose. We participate in a mini version of the Shook, Hardy & Bacon Trial Practice Program, which as a summer, to learn from former judges and trial lawyers is astounding experience. During my summer, I even had a chance to speak with firm clients, help with expert witness research and presentation, and much more substantive work.”
  • “I handled a variety of projects for a variety of attorneys, which provided an accurate representation of the work and culture of the firm. My work was substantive and I received meaningful feedback that enabled me to grow.”
  • “The social events were fantastic and provided an opportunity to get to know attorneys at all levels and in all departments. There were a wide array of events, some targeted at getting to know partners, senior associates, the other summers, etc. The summer associates have the chance to develop real bonds.”
  • “At least twice a week, attorneys take us out to lunch at local dining restaurants so we can get to know each other better in a more relaxed environment. I enjoy these lunches because you meet other attorneys who you likely will not see if they are not in your practice group. Also, there are associate-hosted, partner-hosted, and firm-chair hosted dinners throughout the summer where, as a summer associate, you get to congregate with other attorneys at the firm in a laidback, informal manner. You really get to see them as people and not billing machines; very refreshing. Among the summer associates, there were a myriad of events that we all attended, even outside the program. There were a core group of us that were the social ones, and we would try and recruit the others.”
  • “The social aspects of the summer associate program were amazing. I developed genuine friendships with my fellow associates and I remain close with them today. Participating in the summer program allowed me to have a meaningful network when I started as a full-time associate. The social events were organic and very fun and allowed me to interact with Shook attorneys and develop a feel for the culture at Shook.”
  • “My experiences have been largely as expected. I don't know that I fully appreciated the ebbs and flows of litigation, but my mentor during both summers did explain how the workflow varies in litigation.”
  • “I was able to do more general commercial litigation during my summer. Now I am primarily doing products work. I knew I would be doing primarily products works, but this is not what I spent my summer doing. I also think the summer program could at least begin to let the summers know more about timing and billing. The summer projects were essentially all memos that I would take a week or two to complete. So the pace of the work was very different than the pace of my actual employment. This may just be a feature of the types of work that summers can do, but it has been an adjustment for me that I was not necessarily prepared for.”
  • “So far, my experience practicing at my firm has matched my expectations from when I was a summer associate. I was placed in the practice area I expected to join, and I was quickly given substantive work and even the opportunity to interact with clients.”
  • “Softball against other KC firms every Tuesday, Karaoke, Pickleball, axe-throwing, cooking class, and informal get-togethers.”
  • “The partner dinners were great. We would go very nice, new, and trendy restaurants (out of my price range!) with two or three partners and get to really know the partners while eating great food.”
  • “We had a private tour of an art museum, followed by a round of mini-golf at the museum's art-inspired course. I also enjoyed attending a professional baseball game. Another favorite event was dinner at a partner's house, which the mayor of the city attended.”

The Firm Says

Shook’s summer associate program provides practical training and an insider’s view to a collaborative, diverse, and inclusive firm culture that exposes enthusiastic students to each of the firm’s varied practice areas. Summer associates choose their own assignments; have an opportunity to work on pro bono matters; and are invited to attend court appearances, depositions, client meetings, and other professional activities with firm attorneys. Each summer associate is paired with a supervising attorney who serves as a mentor; in addition, Shook offers training in writing and negotiation and an in-house trial practice program. There’s also time for fun—Shook invites summer associates to local cultural and sporting events, volunteer opportunities, and dinner parties at partners’ homes. Shook looks for summer associates who demonstrate initiative and interest in our practice areas; the firm also expects excellent written, analytical, and organizational skills; superior academic records; and the ability to be a team player.