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Summer Program Stats

No. of Summer Associates (2022): 37 total (29 2 & 3Ls; 8 1Ls)

No. of 2L Offers (2021): 11 out of 20

Summer Associate Salary:


Summer Program Length:

4 weeks

Summer Program Contact

Kimberly Young
Attorney Development Manager
(713) 653-7867

Our Survey Says

  • “As with every firm, associate life is not the same as the summer associate experience, but Susman gives you a taste for what associate life is like. You are assigned work through a centralized system, and you write memos, draft motions, and research issues on real cases. I was able to meet most of the people in the office as a summer associate who I now work with.”
  • “As a four-week program, you are thrown in quickly with a number of assignments, not unlike being an associate.  People are very invested in getting to know you and your work.”
  • “Various dinners with partners and associates.”

The Firm Says

Susman Godfrey offers a unique, four-week summer program to 2L and pre-clerkship 3L law students. Summer associates gain meaningful experience doing important, substantial legal work on cases for the firm’s clients under the supervision and guidance of Susman Godfrey trial lawyers.

Susman Godfrey’s summer program provides summer associates a realistic look at what it is like to be an associate at Susman Godfrey. Unlike many other law firms, our summer associates do not receive make-work or “practice assignments.” Instead, our summer associates will play an important role as a member of our trial teams as we work up our cases, make arguments to judges, and prepare for trial.

We strive to make sure that our summer associates have the true “trial lawyer” experience. Our summer associates regularly observe Susman Godfrey lawyers in action at trials, depositions, and client meetings.

But it’s not just work—we want summer associates to get to know our people. During your four weeks here, summer associates will have the opportunity to get to know our attorneys through a wide range of social events.

Our summer associates receive a brief yet realistic glimpse at the challenges, excitement, and unparalleled opportunities our associates experience on a daily basis..