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Vault’s Verdict

A firm that truly needs no introduction, BCG is a name that will burnish any resume and open doors for years to come. And with good reason: the firm’s reputation for solving the stickiest problems its roster of “who’s who” clients from around the globe can throw at it is second to none.

That cachet comes with some serious on-the-job benefits for consultants, too. These include top-of-market compensation and benefits, training and advancement opportunities that are rated as among the best in the industry, and even a degree of control over work-life balance that was all-but-unheard of in this industry as recently as a decade ago.

Of course, in the world of client services, both travel and hours can be a little unwieldy at times—depending on projects and specific job roles—but that’s part of the BCG experience. If you want to fast-track your path to the C-Suite, the hours are not just necessary—at BCG they’re as close to a guaranteed investment in your future as you can find.

Firm Culture

  • “As someone who was very hesitant to come to a big firm, I've been very pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoy working here!”
  • “BCG is a unique opportunity to gain a variety of business experiences in a short timeframe. It is a wonderful career experience for those that enjoy working in teams, moving at a fast pace, and being able to operate at a level above their current position.”
  • “Learning, contributing and having real impact in solving complex problems with a group of smart, kind, and collaborative teams.”
  • “Rollercoaster of experiences—but we're all strapped in together as a team and learning from the ups and downs.”
  • “We care deeply about each other, our clients, and ensuring we are creating meaningful and measurable impact for the clients and their biggest challenges.”

Quality of Life

  • “Amazing people and culture—incredibly intelligent and skilled at tackling the toughest issues, but at the same time down to earth and supportive. Travel has become increasingly flexible in a post-COVID world.”
  • “BCG actively discusses quality of life and working norms at the beginning of each case and from week to week. The empathy exhibited across case teams is far superior to any professional or academic environment I have ever been a part of.”
  • “Individual consideration to ensure that this job can work across a variety of considerations; increased post-COVID working models to balance client facing obligations/reality with optionality.”
  • “My work life balance is truly determined by my own entrepreneurial ambitions—really feels dictated by what I do vs. don't take on and how I manage my time.”
  • “Very supportive leadership team that allows me to create the flexibility to prioritize life vs. work. Increasing travel needs to co-locate with the clients and with our teams has been both positive (developing stronger relationships) and negative (more travel trips).”


  • “Amazing health insurance, pay transparency/equity for base pay & throughout the firm, small dinners with affiliation groups. Unlimited sick days, but it’s hard to ever get to use them while staffed (supervisor/case dependent).”
  • “Best: Very generous in all compensation and benefits.
    Worst: Prepaid bonuses are really loans that get amortized over a certain period.”
  • “I value that BCG's compensation package is very competitive and transparent. I never feel surprised about promotion, base compensation, or bonus amount.”
  • “Pay transparency is fantastic—everyone knows how much every level is paid and bonus structure is very clear. Our salary progression is predictable and attractive.”
  • “Very strong salary and bonus. All healthcare for only $5/copay. Regular retreats and conferences with time set aside for fun activities or exploring the cities with friends.”

Career Development

  • “Active engagement, focus on developing my skills (not just the standard elements) and focused on my individual performance and success.  Broad perspective on Diversity (I am a minority). The tougher aspects are the ‘always on’ expectations to be successful in the career.”
  • “Appreciate the commitment to a dedicated week of in-person training each year. I'm personally not the biggest fan of up-or-out promotion systems, but I recognize that's industry standard. Apprenticeship is the best—people on your teams and in the firm are invested in your learning how to execute and build IP.”
  • “Fabulous development opportunities and high focus on mentorship. My leadership teams really invest in me to foster my own managerial, critical thinking, and leadership skills. Demanding work can sometimes mean that work/life balance becomes one-sided for particular stretches of time.”
  • “Opportunities in every sector, every topic, every geography and a genuine desire to help staff get the experiences they seek and match the demands of life (e.g., relocation due to significant other, etc.).”
  • “Very transparent and rigorous but not cutthroat. It’s not a world like McKinsey where there are only two slots and you are aggressively competing amongst your peers for them.”

Community Engagement

  • “Amazing diversity programs. One newer one in particular is AccessAbility@BCG focused on supporting individuals with disabilities. Beyond diversity programs, we also have 'communities' (for example, LIFT@BCG, Christians@BCG, Jewish@BCG, etc.) to further create a sense of belonging. We also publicly publish a DE&I report for transparency and continuing improvement.”
  • “Clearly targeted recruitment efforts see a great amount of diversity in new employees. Leadership seems to make a concerted effort to retain and promote women and ethnic minorities.” 
  • “Firm has continued to be a leader in DE&I. Where there are gaps, the firm is looking for ways to address them through a variety of ways (affiliation events, mentoring, recruiting, etc.).”
  • “The firm is on the front line of pursing equitable outcomes and creating an inclusive culture. DEI ERGs are highly active, top leadership is reflective of our focus on diversity, and leaders regularly invest time and resources to support infrastructure that creates a stronger funnel of diversity (e.g., MLT). In my role as a leader in our group for employees with disabilities, I’ve seen great effort and investment to create a more welcoming community through national and local initiatives around mentoring, knowledge sharing, and affiliation. The firm also supported the first-of-its-kind MBA recruiting conference for students with disabilities, as lead sponsor. The student who organized the conference, which will continue, was an intern at BCG.”
  • “We are industry leading, but a long mile yet. We have so much more to grow here, and it makes me proud that the leadership is always looking at more gaps to close vs. celebrating partial wins.”

Business Outlook

  • “2023 was a tough year for consulting. BCG did not pull back—we kept our target operating model intact which positions us to grow in the future very well. Decision to maintain our operating model came at a personal cost for partners.  I have not heard a single partner complain. That fills me with pride.”
  • “After somewhat of a slow period, the firm is well positioned to thrive. Reasons are: deep client relationships across industry; substantial investments in AI/GenAI and sustainability that are starting to bear fruit; extensive investment into upskilling and affiliation. Additionally, clients appreciate ethical practices and comprehensive risk management process.”
  • “Have managed post-COVID situation well without any layoffs, etc. strong growth potential = lots of opportunities for everyone.”
  • “We have had several clients come to us after being dissatisfied with Bain and McKinsey. I have seen some of the work products from Bain and McKinsey and ours are far more detailed, rigorous, and tested.”
  • “Wonderful culture with strong integrity regarding values of diversity, inclusion, and wellbeing. Could be more innovative regarding remote/hybrid working models as well as more localized staffing practices to push for better employee satisfaction and environmental sustainability.”

Hiring Process

  • “BCG and other sources offer plenty of helpful prep materials that accurately describe the expectations. An ideal candidate is personable and mature and can insightfully work through information available to understand business problems and potential solutions.”
  • “[Company is seeking] curious problem solvers with high EQ who appreciate nuances and want to find creative ways to help.” 
  • “I believe that we place higher value on diversity of professional backgrounds compared to competitor firms. This is built on a philosophy of creative problem solving and wanting candidates who will help bring unique perspectives rather than cookie-cutter responses.” 
  • “Multiple interview rounds. We are looking for people that excel in their industry (or in school if they are a recent grad) that is self-motivated, enthusiastic, and a good team player.”
  • “Structured, curious, highly motivated individuals who function well in teams and want to work on the world's thorniest issues.”

Interview Questions

  • “Candidates have 2 rounds of interviews, consisting of behavioral interview, online case, multiple live cases.”
  • “Case interviews are used extensively, topics depending on what the person is being hired for.”
  • “Tell me about a time that you had to convince a team of your position. What is an example of you failing? How did you respond in these circumstances?”
  • “Typical case interview expecting (1) a structured, prompt-specific approach outline, (2) hypothesis-driven probing, (3) solution-oriented analyses, (4) logical creative thinking, (5) a structured conclusion with thoughtful caveats, (6) a credible, humble, engaging presence.”
  • “Typically around identifying recommendations for real, sanitized client project problems that the firm is doing for clients.”
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