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Vault’s Verdict

Whisper it, but BPM Advisory—a practice area within a public accounting firm—may be one of the most intriguing consulting shops out there at the moment. With the backing of a highly successful company behind it—albeit one without the scale (and therefore the conflicts of interest) of its Big 4 competitors—the advisory unit is free to innovate on everything from approaches to client engagements to its internal staffing policies.

All of that make it a place where consultants truly seem happy to go to work (whether in-person or virtually), while the training and promotion opportunities ensure that consultants are equipped for growth during their tenure.

While the BPM name may not be as recognizable as other firms in the industry, there’s a distinct sense that that clause requires the word “yet”—this is a firm that’s clearly got its eyes on growth, and the skillset to deliver on those ambitions.

Firm Culture

  • “A firm that values its employees and wants them to excel.”
  • “BPM is a forward thinking, innovative, and progressive firm and is truly the best company I have ever worked for!”
  • “Great company to gain early exposure to executive conversations. Tons of opportunity for growth.”
  • “If you are intellectually curious, have a desire to continue to grow professionally and personally, and you have an entrepreneurial spirit, this is the place for you.”
  • “Truly a gem. If the opportunity presents, get your foot in the door and secure a spot. Once in, it is fairly easy to transfer and pursue your primary career objectives.”

Quality of Life

  • “Best: I'm on a part time work schedule due to childcare and my firm has been very understanding of my situation. I feel trusted by my firm to be able to keep up my high quality of work in exchange for adjusted hours. I have others at the firm that I can also reach out to/vent to if needed so I don't feel like I'm alone.
    Worst: As with most companies, the remote work environment has left a bit of a hole in being able to connect with others as we did in person. It's something BPM is addressing, but just something minor that is affecting the quality of life.”
  • “Consulting work can be lumpy and that means at times you are busier than you want to be. That said, I have not been required to take on work I could not handle.”
  • “I never thought a public accounting firm could offer this type of work-life balance. There is a lot of work but there is always support to take the needed breaks.”
  • “The best is the flexibility with work hours and remote work as well as locations of offices. The worst is busy season which is still not bad at all and very manageable.”
  • “We have not mandated that anyone come back to the office. In contrast, and shortly after the shelter in place mandates in our various office locations, we made all offices and facilities available. We encourage our professionals to use our offices to build rapport and to collaborate and it's slowly working. We're still a client-service firm, so hours can sometimes be high, but I believe we find balance overall throughout the year. We find ourselves travelling a little less now, but some work simply requires that we be in person. This part of the job is tiring and difficult but deeply fulfilling as we build rapport and trust with our clients. Time off is encouraged. We have unlimited PTO and want people to take time to refresh, reflect and spend time doing other things they love.”


  • “Best—highly competitive, and strong overall benefits and perks as is standard at a larger accounting/consulting firm. Worst—have not implemented sabbaticals but they are evaluating it from within.”
  • “Compensation is fair and equitable. I think the firm actively tries to be competitive and attractive to retain their employees. I would say they do a good job in evaluating employee performance and compensating accordingly.”
  • “Not able to clearly see a path for progression. You make more bonus money referring in a new hire than if you were to put in extra hours to get the job done.”
  • “They pay us well compared to other firms. If you include all of the benefits, such as mental health coverage, profit sharing, bonuses, and regular salary, they are definitely a competitive company in regard to compensation.”
  • “This is not an ‘eat what you kill’ compensation firm. There are pros and cons to that.  We call it ‘BPM1’ and believe it results in a teamwork culture.”

Career Development

  • “Best aspects—thorough annual performance review and feedback; pre-manager training series.
    It would be helpful to have an internal resource list for employees to see the requirements to move up to the next position level as well as the position responsibilities for all staff positions in Advisory to help us visualize career path options within the firm.”
  • “BPM is devoted to supporting my enrichment and career development!  My manager is an excellent partner and mentor and BPM's internal training programs are top notch.  I am encouraged and given a budget to engage in external training as well.  I couldn't ask for more. I am so grateful.”
  • “I don't feel I understand the promotional opportunities within my organization outside of those in my niche advisory team. I also just want to be challenged in my work and continue to get better in my work, not necessarily promoted.”
  • “Sometimes there could be better coaching and guidance on how well you are developing in your position but overall the firm is very supportive and helpful in employees career growth and goals.”
  • “There are many online training courses available. I actually took a consulting role so as to work PT at this point in my career. Otherwise, I believe BPM offers many opportunities to grow, transfer, etc.”

Community Engagement

  • “BPM Advisory makes a conscious effort to ensure a diverse staff and leadership team. There are employee resource groups for women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and members of some ethnic and racial communities.”
  • “DEI training and optional and more extensive DEI certification is available and helpful - I learned a lot! BPM staff is diverse and opportunities are open to those who are qualified to do the work regardless of race, ethnicity, background, etc.”
  • “Our firm offers many groups to belong to for diversity and inclusion. I feel all consultants and employees have equal access to high quality work and promotion opportunities.”
  • “The firm is fully committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. I have not worked at a firm that places as much importance on this area as much as BPM does. There are people from all demographics succeeding and holding positions at all levels.”
  • “We're an award-winner in this area. Before DE&I was a thing, we had an outsized number of female partners. We're recruiting from HBCUs and will enjoy a much more racially diverse community of colleagues in the coming years. Our CRGs foster awareness, provide a safe space, and build allies.”

Business Outlook

  • “BPM is growing and innovating more than any other firm I have worked for.”
  • “Firm seems to be doing well and we continue acquiring other firms/consulting businesses. I would just say that we need to integrate the newly merged companies better so that we can make sure we are all one firm instead of operating separately.”
  • “From what I can the firm is doing well, continuing to expand business offerings and get into new markets and offerings.”
  • “There has been an extremely large increase in operational roles within the company that are impacting the overhead costs. Decisions on spends appear to be made in a vacuum, some items are rolled out with specious benefits. Non-revenue generating roles have grown exponentially, and although they can be critical to core functions, the numbers with which they have grown does not rationally add up, nor has there been a tangible benefit noted. Procedures/processes related to financial operations and calculations of margin, WIP and costs are immature and do not reflect a genuine professional services organization.” 
  • “We are more technologically advanced than our competitors and our employee turnover is below the industry average. A weakness could come from our accelerated growth rate—just making sure firms we're merging with are bringing the quality staff that BPM direct hires are.”

Hiring Process

  • “I feel they're looking for people who are good at their careers but also fit in culturally with promoting and creating environments for DE&I.”
  • “Someone who fits into the firm culture, is knowledgeable, friendly, and a good teammate.” 
  • “The interview and callback process were straightforward and professional. They are seeking a candidate who wants to challenge themselves as they continue to grow their skills as a consultant.”
  • “Upper end talent that is driven and internally motivated. Call back and interview process is well established and organized.”
  • “We are constantly challenged to provide adequate staffing for our projects. I think our management does the best they can at advertising and recruiting qualified candidates.”

Interview Questions

  • “In a manufacturing facility, we have a client that manufactures furniture sofas. They have a cool L-sectional sofa that is one of their top sellers. This sofa has 3 main components: a frame, cushions, and a seat base.
    1. How would you go about setting up this Sofa item in NetSuite?
    a. The candidate should demonstrate full understanding around setting up the item as an assembly item. Once the candidate answers the question, gauge their understanding of the different item types within NS and their use cases and when to use them.
    b. They also need to touch on UOM and Bill of Materials.
    c. Within this question, you should ask follow-up questions around how they would go about ensuring assignment of proper costing method. Ask the candidate about their familiarity with the different costing methods.
    2. The customer has different work centers where the manufacturing process takes place and sometime the build process for certain large work orders take longer time to finish. The customer wants to know at any given time where they at in the production process at any given work center and see which quantities are cleared at what work center. How would you go about setting this up in NetSuite?
    a. The candidate here needs to clearly articulate their thoughts around the use of WIP & Routings. Please don’t mention the Routing module to them and let them spell & say that out loud. Let the candidate express their thought process so you can clearly gauge their full understanding of the use of WIP & Routing module.”
  • “The firm has a recruiting department. Interviews are conducted by management and partners that the potential employee would work for. An app is used to track and rate.”
  • "What customer facing advisory experiences have you found success in?"
  • “What experience do you have in different industries? How important is culture to you?”
  • "Where do you see yourself in 5 years in this industry?"

The Bay Area

Firm Stats

CEO: Jim Wallace
2024 Employees (All Locations): 1,300

Major Office Locations

Bengaluru, India

Major Departments & Practices

Advisory, Assurance, Tax